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  The Modern Day Meaning of J'accuse 





Émile Zola's famous condemnation of the French establishment has a new meaning in the DC den of vipers. Anti-Semitism is not the outrage because the Deep State is a virtual synagogue of Talmud immorality. The resistance movement that the never Trump character assassins preach are the Pharisees behind the concerted effort to annihilate traditional American heritage. The Dreyfus Affair is described as reclaiming justice against a falsely charged military officer because of his Jewish background. Today, Christian conservatives have traded places with the Tribe. Would Zola pen his elegant defense for that "basket of deplorables"? Well, it would be unlikely that such a plea would pass an editor's review from the New York Times.


No doubt, the internet would be the alternative to speak truth to power, but the intentional censorship from the Technocrats is based upon filtering out any opposing outlook to the orthodox world view. In place of the French military general staff, these zealots of Zionist purity use their AIPAC political muscle and SPLC lawsuit extortion to suppress the very foundations of America's Christian Heritage.


Most are familiar with the particulars of the charges against Captain Dreyfus. Author JP O’Malley contends that Anti-Semitism was the vogue and criticizing the state tantamount to treason, but a new book shows that when the French novelist wrote 'J'accuse,' he reshaped a nation. He writes the following:


 “Zola didn’t seem to have much contact with Jews directly,” he explains. “But he was firmly committed to writing a number of articles — prior to supporting Dreyfus — which publicly said, ‘Why have we got this crazy political movement of anti-Semitism in France?’”


From the actual Zola 13 January 1898 letter. Review in light how the personalities named could easily be substituted with current Deep State officials who routinely condemn an innocent man because the establishment must protect the authority of their regime.  


"I accuse Lt. Col. du Paty de Clam of being the diabolical creator of this miscarriage of justice-- unknowingly, I am willing to believe-- and of defending this sorry deed, over the last three years, by all manner of bizarre and evil machinations.


I accuse General Mercier of complicity, at least by mental weakness, in one of the greatest inequities of the century.


I accuse General Billot of having held in his hands absolute proof of Dreyfus’s innocence and concealing it, thereby making himself guilty of crimes against mankind and justice, as a political expedient and a way for the compromised General Staff to save face.


I accuse General de Boisdeffre and General Gonse of complicity in the same crime, the former, no doubt, out of religious prejudice, the latter perhaps out of that esprit de corps that has transformed the War Office into an unassailable holy ark.


I accuse General de Pellieux and Major Ravary of conducting a fraudulent inquiry, by which I mean a monstrously biased one, as attested by the latter in a report that is an imperishable monument to naïve insolence.


I accuse the three handwriting experts, Messrs. Belhomme, Varinard and Couard, of having submitted reports that were deceitful and fraudulent, unless a medical examination finds them to be suffering from a disease that impairs their eyesight and judgment.


I accuse the offices of the War Office of having used the press, particularly L’Eclair and L’Echo de Paris, to conduct an abominable campaign to mislead public opinion and cover up their own wrongdoing.


Finally, I accuse the first court martial of violating the law by convicting the accused on the basis of evidence that was kept secret, and I accuse the second court martial of covering up this illegality, on orders, by committing the judicial crime of acquitting a guilty man with full knowledge of his guilt."


Accepting that Alfred Dreyfus was not the dire traitor to France of which he was accused, it would seem that his long delayed acquittal was fitting. However, the circumstances that convicted the U.S. traitor Jonathan Pollard are in a league of its own. It is most disturbing to hear that Trump is 'Seriously Considering' Letting Pollard Move To Israel. "Pollard was paroled from prison in November 2015, after serving 30 years of a life sentence for spying for an ally. Former spy says "I just want to go home.'"


Well, is it not time to face the truth? Pollard never was loyal to America. The factual evidence prove that the Deep State have long ago shared Pollard's viewpoint of his actual homeland. Has anything changed from 19th Century French suspicion of Jewish loyalty or lack thereof to France?


When Zola states, ‘Why have we got this crazy political movement of anti-Semitism in France?' he is asking the wrong question. The correct concern, why do so many Jews betray their host countries? Since the illegal appropriation of land from the Palestine's launched the State of Israel, the authoritative motives of Zionist Jews is evident for anyone to see.


The term anti-Semitism is a canard. Opposition to Jewish supremacy, Zionists politics or to the Apartheid State of Israel is self-created by those who claim to be "Chosen" even after they called for the crucifixion of their Messiah.


How would Émile Zola respond to the suicidal Israeli claim that their nuclear arsenal is justified, but Iran or the Gulf States cannot be trusted to defend their own territory? Would Zola see the injustice in all the Israeli bombings of Syria or would any criticism of their aggression be deemed as simply anti-Semitism?


Get real. The day of the holocaust victim scam is over. The final result from the defeat of Western Civilization Culture is before us. The Christian gospel of salvation is being destroyed by the forces of Kabbalah-lluminatis, Islam Jihadists or Atheist Nihilists and Hedonists.


J'accuse for the 21st Century requires a new commitment to defeat injustice. Émile Zola warns, “When truth is buried underground it grows, it chokes, it gathers such an explosive force that on the day it bursts out, it blows up everything with it.”


SARTRE - May 2, 2018




"Many seek to become a Syndicated Columnist, while the few strive to be a Vindicated Publisher"

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