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House Republicans Defund Obamacare Showdown

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‘Repeal the bill if you’re not going to fix it.’

Everyone knows this thing isn’t ready.

Everyone knows." - AFL-CIO 


House Republicans Defund Obamacare Showdown

The news that GOP House Representatives voted in favor of a celebrated defunding bill certainly has long dormant political soothsayers coming out in force with reports from their congressional sources. A good old-fashioned brash knucklers fight gets everyone juiced up. Freedom Works is pushing a petition to Tell Congressional Republicans to Defund ObamaCare in 2013. While the Huffington Post reports, Red State Democrats Oppose Republican Effort To Defund Obamacare. With all the political pundits eager to share their version of wisdom, we get conclusions as varied as the stars that represent the states.

Here are just a few.

National Review in their assessment,
The New Cantor Plan, lays out a long dragged out confrontation.

"That will give Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and others a chance to wage the fight over Obamacare in the upper chamber.

But given that Majority Leader Harry Reid rules the Senate, it is unlikely to bear fruit in the way of significant concessions on Obamacare. Instead, the push to defund Obamacare will be transferred to negotiations surrounding the debt ceiling, which must be raised around the middle of October.

"We go right to the debt-ceiling fight, and that’s where the real battle is, we feel," said Representative John Fleming. "It’s kind of like the follow-up plan, assuming that [the CR] fails. . . . The real fight will be on the debt ceiling."

The Hill site follows-up with a report,
Senate conservatives urge filibuster of bill defunding ObamaCare,, describing the hurdles that Senate Republicans are facing.

"Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), one of the leaders of the effort to defund ObamaCare, said Friday that Senate Republicans should block Reid from using "procedural gimmicks" to carve up the House bill.

"If Reid pursues this plan — if he insists on using a 50-vote threshold to fund ObamaCare with a partisan vote of only Democrats — then I hope that every Senate Republican will stand together and oppose cloture on the bill in order to keep the House bill intact and not let Harry Reid add ObamaCare funding back in," Cruz said in a statement."

Finally, in Slate the Obama loyalists declare the effort is dead on arrival,
The GOP’s Fantasyland.

"If you’re in a hurry, and you can only memorize one fact about the coming congressional debt and budget war, try this: There will be no "defunding of Obamacare." It’s impossible for Republicans to admit it, great energy is being spent to prevent them from admitting it, and large sums of money are being raised and spent to stop conservatives from realizing it. If you want to skip to the end of this drama, past Friday’s likely vote on the resolution that defunds Obamacare, the final page reads "… and Obamacare survived."

Where will you find an infusion of reality and a dose of political pragmatism?

The long silent GOP House leadership seems ready to put on their shields and enter the combat arena. Any efforts from the elected majority in the House to defund the Affordable Care Act are steps in the right direction. However, the next prodigal son from the House of Bush chimes in with his acumen. Breitbart in the article,
Jeb Bush Criticizes Defunding Obamacare Strategy, points out that famous family defeatist attitude.

"I'd just add a little dose of reality," Bush said at the National Press Club on Wednesday. "If you control one-half of one-third of leverage in Washington, D.C., your ability to influence things are also relative to the fact that you have one-half of one-third of the government."

Now that a courageous vote in the House is being second-guessed, and trashed from every establishment vestige interest, what can a practical political operative do to rally public support beyond a causal petition, a form letter or call to a staffer?


Here is the problem:

Obamacare is a Public Requiem by Supreme Decree cites another alternative from the Heritage Foundation.
"The social fascists that bleed for universal health care, provided by a single payer bureaucracy are fundamentally statists. Strategies for repeal are weak and remote. Nina Owcharenko in Repealing Obamacare and Getting Health Care Right, describes accurately the problem but is unrealistic for a political solution."


1) Overwhelmingly, the public opposes Obamacare in its present version.

2) The medical and health profession opposes the dramatic reduction in compensation and diminution in quality care.

3) The administration by the IRS for Obamacare compliance, in light of current scandals, is counterproductive.

4) The financial burden on younger Americans to finances benefits to senior citizens is oppressive.

5) Numerous state governments refuse setup or offer insurance exchanges.

6) Part-time employment becoming the rule because of excessive Obamacare costs.

7) Granting selective exemptions smacks of crony favoritism.

8) Union opposition is growing, as workers understand the negative effects.

9) The uninsured will be required to buy insurance or face a penalty.

10) Since Obamacare is ruled a tax, the House of Representative has the authority to defund the program.

What can be done:

Polemics do not cut it in the hardball trenches of DC warfare. In the District of Criminals, money talks and fear of being voted out of office reigns. Short of a mass resignation and exodus from the Democratic Senate, the collectivists that make up the majority in that deliberative body of cowards, are deaf to the will of their own state’s citizenry. However, pressure and intimidation are well-tested methods that every "pol" understands. Usually the lobbyists are bearers of gifts or messengers of threatening consequences. They are full time paid surrogates. Their advocacy or arm-twisting depends on the agenda and objectives of the interests that pay the freight.

The professions most adversely effective by Obamacare have played a soft game in their opposition. Their lack of sophistication or posture detachment may be explained, because of their commitment of time to their occupation. However, their deficiency to engage a connected influence peddler is inexcusable.

Defunding Obamacare comes down to targeting Democratic Senators up for reelection in 2014.

Max Baucus (Montana)*

Mark Begich (Alaska)

Chris Coons (Delaware)

Richard Durbin (Illinois)

Al Franken (Minnesota)

Kay Hagan (North Carolina)

Tom Harkin (Iowa)*

Tim Johnson (South Dakota) *

Mary Landrieu (Louisiana)

Carl Levin (Michigan)*

Edward Markey (Massachusetts)

Jeff Merkley (Oregon)

Mark Pryor (Arkansas)

Jack Reed (Rhode Island)

John Rockefeller (West Virginia)*

Brian Schatz (Hawaii)**

Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire)

Mark Udall (Colorado)

Tom Udall (New Mexico)

Mark Warner (Virginia)

*Retiring in 2014

**Special Election in 2014

This strategy should be intuitive. The retiring patricians may never have considered Marcus Tullius Cicero’s famous words: "The life given us, by nature is short; but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal", but some have certainly committed themselves to a legacy of infamy. The Roman Senate eventually became a den of thieves and dishonorable men. The U.S. Senate has become gender neutral, when it comes to their brand of corruption.

A more innovative approach is to entice a "young turk" to challenge the leadership role of Harry Reed. Obamacare is a losing issue for all Democrats come 2014. The Boxer and Feinstein as well as the Gillibrand and Schumer seats are hard nuts to crack coming from the whacko states of California and New York respectively. Nevertheless, the ranks of sitting Democrat Senators are ripe for the taking in primaries and from aggressive GOP candidates.

The doctor of doom still has the rest of his POTUS term to screw the public. For a challenge to come to his rapidly declining political capital, it must come from his own party. Obama is on the skids, and Obamacare is poised to inflict severe hemorrhaging if the program is funded by a bipartisan reconciliation vote in Congress.

What Texas Senator Ted Cruz says or even does will not turn the tide within the Democratic caucus. A nationwide physician strike would do more good to restore the true meaning to the Hippocratic Oath. The actual harm to the patient is to allow Obamacare to destroy what remains of the medical and hospital system.

The next way to defund Obamacare is for the American public to boycott and simply refuse to purchase any form of medical insurance. There are few more powerful lobbying groups than the insurance industry. Mass cancelations of medical coverage would bring tremendous pressure on the Obama regime to redo their hijacking of the already costliest medical distribution bureaucracy in the world.

For our hard-core Tea Party friends, the Tax Enough Already, hit hardest on the Small Business Assault from Obamacare, sums up the reason to support effects to defund.

"The law that "Big Phama" and the insurance carriers wrote has small business at such a disadvantage, that the actual survival of independent enterprises is at stake. When establishment business reporting sounds the danger siren, their corporate sponsors usually take note. The dancing in the corporate suites just goes to prove that the centralization of everyday commerce is behind the draconian burden placed on small business under Obamacare."

If you want to strive for an efficient and widely available high quality medical treatment, rally to the operation room and start defunding your own contributions to a very sick health care system. Obamacare guarantees that bloodletting returns to medicine.

SARTRE – September 23, 2013

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“Today, the constitutional conservatives in the House are keeping their word to our constituents and our nation to stand true to our principles, to protect them from the most unpopular law ever passed in the history of the country - ObamaCare - that intrudes on their privacy and our most sacred right as Americans to be left alone”
- Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas

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