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Pirates with Nukes

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“He (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) has united Turkey’s Islamists and secularists in common contempt for Israel. There is a widespread consensus among the people that Israel, and its American benefactor, mustn’t be allowed to get away with this assault.”  Paul Heinbecker

Pirates with Nukes


Entirely dispelled are any lingering doubts about the disdain Israel has for international law. Before going any further, just reflect upon all the apologist responses to the global condemnation of the Mediterranean Massacre. All the toadies that carry the water for the Zionist despotism are predictable and deceitful. Based on a foundation of sand their mantra ignores the facts and rests on false axioms.

NeoCon Glenn Beck is a devoted cheerleader of Zionism. Making things worse, he is also a Dispensationalist. Departing from the solid research on condemning the failed philosophy of Progressivism, Beck demeans his audience with a false history of Palestine and the nature of the Israeli state. His religious doctrine regarding Israel makes him an apostate. Duping well intentions, but ill-informed viewers into accepting the crimes of Israel, as the will of God, is why he is a Trojan horse.

He is just one of the countless buffoons or propagandists who earned their place in the media circus by proving their loyalty to a gang of criminals. Israel is no ally of the United States. Zionism is not a victim. "Likudnick" Benjamin Bebe Netanyahu is no friend of America. Most importantly, not all Jews are Zionists or even support the state of Israel.

In NeoCons are a terminal disease, a profound question is asked.

"There is no canon within our heritage that deems that America has the responsibility to foster the interests of any other foreign country. However, that is exactly the goal of the NeoCons. The question is simple; can you name one such scalawag scoundrel that would not trade the safety and treasure of our country for the benefit of the Zionist despotism of Israel?"

Israel uses Christian-Zionists as ignorant tools and treats them as useful idiots. They are the most pathetic of the lot. From, How much fun is this war?

"But the best are the holy rollers who are infested with Dispensationalist Dementia, who grovel at the feet of Zionists, in the name of their Savior, while they bolster a Likud Central Committee Party for a Greater Israel policy and can’t wait for the third temple to be erected. Christ’s words are all too easily ignored if they conflict with devotion to their false doctrine. "My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one." - Jesus Christ, John 17:15, NAS"

A blockade is an act of war. Defenders of Israeli’s arrogant attack on an unarmed flotilla of humanitarian stores, claim the Israeli Defense Force was acting in self-defense. Pirates are not commandos. Henry Morgan, knighted and made Lieutenant Governor to Jamaica for his privateer adventures, served the expansion of the British Empire. So too Netanyahu’s, "Greater Israel" designs applied their military arm to keep their colonial concentration camp in check.

Only tactics and sophisticated technology separates the IDF air assault from the crude violence of Somali pirates. These third world criminals kill for money, while Zionist use American weapons and money to expand their genocide on an entire race and expand their geographic reach in the region.

Where was the international outrage back in 1981 when Israel bombed the Iraqi Osirak reactor? The Untied States was complicit then and are far more culpable today with joint plans for a replay air strike, this time on Iran facilities. Since Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, why should the world accept their building of a nuclear arsenal with impunity?

Zionists have no compunction from violating laws, moral principles and human rights.

The Guardian Newspaper recently reports: "Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli whistleblower who exposed Israel's nuclear arsenal to the world and paid for it with 18 years in jail, mostly in solitary confinement, was sent back to prison today for a new three-month sentence." The reason - unauthorized meetings with foreigners. Amnesty International said he had been living under a "draconian" military order and was now considered a "prisoner of conscience".

Today Mordechai Vanunu is the modern day Alfred Dreyfus, but where is his Émile Zola? If Iran wants an atomic deterrent to counter the nukes from the Dimona reactor, what Talmudic authority gives contemporary Elders of Zion the protocols to ferment a nuclear winter?

With the sneak attack record of pre-emptive strikes, how can the planet allow Israeli retention of military nuclear weapons?

The Samson Option still threatens the world. Israel's nuclear arsenal and American foreign policy makes a compelling case that the steady and clandestine growth of an Israeli nuclear industry proved so successful that Israel was able to coerce several U.S. administrations into doing its bidding. "Once Israel had the Bomb, they are in a position to bring it all down on everyone if ever they feel cornered. It's the ultimate in Israeli security as a nation-state, if not for the security of humankind."

The significance of the attack upon the humanitarian flotilla is that Israel proves itself as a rogue state and a threat to the entire civilized world. One does not have to be pro-Palestinian or anti-Semitic towards Jewish people to condemn Israel. The analogy that the government of the United States has forfeited its moral authority seems minor in comparison to the depths of pathological insanity that is the sociopathic state of Israel.

Hijacking on the high seas cannot be an acceptable foreign policy. Yet, it is business as usual for the self-selected chosen masters of the Middle East. Religion clouds the politics. This is not a Jewish issue. Squarely, Zionist power underpins and threatens the region and the entire world. Pirates usually want to take the booty, but when their invasion seeks to control the territory and inflict permanent rule, you get perpetual warfare. The Zionist buccaneers have created their own Port Royal.

Few pirate states are able to withdraw from their piracy, with little legal retribution. The pillage and moral decay that is intrinsic in the Zionist mindset awaits universal condemnation and eternal justice. There will be no easy life, Henry Morgan, retirement for Israel as long as malefic supremacy is the model for their corrupt society.

SARTRE – June 6, 2010

“So what’s the big deal here? What’s the big deal of insisting it go straight to Gaza?”  VP Joe Biden

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