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Taxes, Death and Certainty

Strappado Wrack

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Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.
Benjamin Franklin

Taxes, Death and Certainty


Each season when spring approaches, attention turns to the ritual of filling out tax forms.  All year long paying taxes is an integral part of the daily regiment.  But when it comes time to sign your permission slip for legalized thievery, your submission to indentured servitude goes public.  By becoming just another number in the long line of digital compliance under the penalty of perjury, the average citizen is performing his or her financial obligation to the State.  At least that is what you are told is your duty. 



Listing of all the hidden taxes on every facet of life have often been documented by many astute observers of the tax game.  But what is mostly ignored is that collecting taxes is unnecessary to fund governments.  Look at the process from a different perspective.  When sociologist Max Weber in his 1918 speech Politik als Beruf (Politics as a Vocation), coined the famous concept “monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force” he could not imagine just how efficient modern governments have perfected the practice of intimidation.  All those theories that paying federal and state income taxes is a voluntary act may fly in an ivory tower, but in tax court the judge will simply assess your property or send you off to a re-education camp. 


Why not just admit the obvious.  People reluctantly pay taxes because they accept that they can’t get away with not doing so.  Yet when the system is based upon dealing out harsh penalties for non-compliance why not just take the charade to the next level?  Governments are the definitive manifestation of organized crime syndicates.  The need to raise money through tax extortion is not necessary.  States can pay their expenses by the monetization of incurred debt through the power of their legal tender enforcement.  


Since all government projects, functions and services are expenditures of money, it needs to be painfully admitted that no state has ever become a wealth creator.  Regimes are the ultimate addict of waste and larceny.  Has it ever been any different in all of human history? 


The official line is that citizens are consumers of public programs and that they benefit from the protections and assistance that only a government can provide.  But is that really so?  Examine the record.


Here is the way the world really works in the global gulag of technocratic administered favoritism.  In the state/corporate model of joint partnership, guaranteed profits are determined by the level of integrated collusion of purpose and execution of municipal enterprise plan.


1)       Create opportunities from chaos.  Whether the aftermath of Katrina or the long planned liberation of Iraq, the funneling of public funds into the organizations that maintain the political power apparatus is at the basis of the economic economy.  Graft need not entail cold hard cash in the pocket of corrupt officials as long as the civic credits are paid into the correct bank accounts.

2)       Create business organizations with junk bond underwriting based upon fail-safe cash flow coming from governmental programs.  Economy of scale is based upon exclusion of enterprising firms that do not have a direct pipeline to the well of cronyism.  Building a better mousetrap will not get you a slice of the cheese.

3)       Create the illusion of prosperity built on a mountain of debt that cannot be serviced by the few true wealth generators.  Maintain the hidden inflation outside populace scrutiny with cheap imports bought by unemployed or under employed domestic workers.

4)       Create a popular culture of diversion and debasement that will keep the taxpayer preoccupied with trivia and decadence while picking the pocket of the unexpected. 

5)       Create a contrived energy dependence that requires a foreign policy of empire to fuel the chariots of a military machine.  Sell the scheme based on a threat of phony terrorism, while shielding the cabal from any serious scrutiny.  


So all this demands high taxes to pay for the costs!  Surely just suck up your share of the charge.  No matter you are being f$!$ed, it’s the way it is in the land of the free.  Since you enjoy the safety of your jailer, your obligation assessment is just the price you must pay to be part of the greatest deception devised under the guise of constitutional authority. 


Has this become a system that encourages the pursuit of happiness or is it now a framework that demands that the people become wards of the state?  If left up to the taxpayer to answer, it seems that the pain of the highjack has not yet reached critical mass.  


The political death of a country comes when its government refuses to operate by and under rational and moral principles of citizen supremacy.  Yes, few remaining balanced and honorable American citizens are left to continue the struggle.  The inhabitants that gush their approval for Bush are just as disturbed as those who railed that it was only sex when the serial cheater was selling out our nation to Chinese comrade thugs.        


The certainty of the country’s demise is as probable as being held up at gun point from the IRS.  Understanding the instructions to comply with your 1040 return is analogous to perceiving the consequences of quantum physics.  Some may grasp the language but few comprehend the depth of the atom.  Quantum physics tries to explain the behavior of even smaller particles like electrons, protons, and neutrons.  Applied to the internal underbelly of the government structure, the science of knowing the mysteries of the universe are in reach, while the ignorance of understanding the nature of the morphologic government beast is virtually non-existent.   


Pay up now or risk the punishment of a black hole.  There is no light at tunnels end when you finance your own termination.  Tax Tyranny is a means to provide the functional accounting that pays off the co-conspirators that unleash the energy force of darkness on a country of blinded serfs.  All that changes is the intensity of the vigor used to extract the last pound of flesh from your bone.  As the real percentage rate of across-the-board exaction rises with each year, the closer to poverty you approach.  The dream for an independent society has long been dead.  What remains is mere life support for comatose citizens.    


The one unchallenged truism of life is that you will die.  Most are unaware that this reality has already taken place.  Keep the nightmare alive!  April 15th is the date of your wake.  The funeral was unattended and you have already been laid to rest in the ground.  Go in peace, the next generation will remember and pay dearly for your compliance.  The reflection in the mirror witnessed the death of the nation and did nothing to stop the madness.  Time marches on, too bad America won’t be around to walk into the future.


SARTRE – March 20, 2006

An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, the power to destroy.
Daniel Webster  

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