Who remembers during the rescue efforts after the Katrina Hurricane, Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré’s famous words?  “Don't get stuck on stupid” Well, this BATR series deals with the national condition of Sheeple denial.

When the guns were collected from the homes of New Orleans, the purpose was not protecting the security of the inhabitants. No, the reason was to indoctrinate society into a new normal – your own personal self-defense requires state approval.

The AK header reminds that the establishment is based upon force and coercion. The SOS essays explore the reasons why people are so disconnected from reality and are so docile, even when tyranny is directly in their face. 

Truth to power and the lessons correctly observed from resisting the brainless culture, that breeds stuck on stupid people, is the aim of this inquiry.

Seemingly absurd political circumstances often seem too complex for any single person to overcome. If you are new to BREAKING ALL THE RULES, examine all the sites and articles. Politics are unavoidable, so start dealing with reality.

SARTRE Commentary essay series


Dueling Twins

Global Gulag

Inherent Autonomy


Radical Reactionary

Reign of Terror

Solitary Purdah

Strappado Wrack

Totalitarian Collectivism

Forbidden History

View from the Mount

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