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Reed Letter

November 10, 2010

Congressman Thomas Reed

Corning District Office

89 West First Street

Corning, NY 14830

Congressman Reed,

With your election to the 29th District, a real opportunity to demonstrate your independence and commitment to the principles of the Tea Party movement is available.

I hope that you will want to represent the Naples Tea Party Patriots when you cast your first important vote on the selection of the next Speaker of the House. It would be a repudiation of reform objectives if you were to vote for Rep. John Boehner.

If you intend to support Congressman Boehner, what are your reasons for such a vote?

Establishing a negative tone of your serve by voting to elevate a leaderless politician to the crucial role of Speaker, would be disheartening.

Your constituents supported you in the last election because real reform is need on both sides of the aisle. Timid Republicans and tired excuses for needed action is the reason that the GOP lost power in the first place.

This new opportunity to prove that freshman Congressional representatives will stand firm against party capitulation is in your hands.

Many families in the greater Naples area are watching and praying that there will be no reward for the old failed leadership in this new Congress.


Naples Tea Party Patriots

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