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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why the Property Tax Cap Doesn’t Go Far Enough 3:23 pm est          Comments

The Tea Party Review Magazine - Subscription Plans


As we enter the next phase – the most critical phase of the Tea Party movement – there’s one thing we need, more than anything else, to make our movement a permanent, powerful force in American politics.

We need a forum for Tea Partiers to come together, to trade ideas, to resolve disputes, to find out what other activists are doing and thinking…

… a place to develop plans for taking our country back from the elitist, arrogant, obnoxious, corrupt members of the Washington establishment and their friends in Hollywood, the news media, faculty lounges, and on Wall Street.

We need a magazine that tells people what we stand for… and what we won’t stand for.


We Need Tea Party Review

No hype.  No rumors.  No political double talk.  Just facts and analysis – and a touch of humor – written in plain language and rooted in the values of working class and small business class Americans.


Inside you’ll find:

  • Complete coverage of the 2012 presidential campaign. 
  • How are leading candidates reaching out to Tea Partiers? 
  • Who deserves Tea Party support?
  • The ultimate rundown on political corruption in America.  If you didn’t see it all in one place, you’d never believe it!
  • Washington’s War on the American Family.
  • Cartoons from the creators of “The Gentleman from Lickskillet”… and other satire aimed at Big Government and Obama’s “Ruling Class.”
  • Bold commentary grounded in American values.
  • ¨“Now It Can Be Told”: Secrets of the 2010 Campaign
  • ¨Lame Ducks and Bureaucrats: How the Left Plans to Overturn the Election
  • ¨Obama’s War on the First Amendment… and the Rest of the Constitution
  • ¨Why the Tea Party Movement is the Mainstream in American Politics
  • ¨The RINOs Fight Back!
  • ¨The Left’s “Colorado Model” – and how we can beat it
  • ¨The Tea Party Agenda for Congress in 2011
  • ¨Will Republicans Keep Their “Pledge”?
  • ¨What They Don’t Want You to Know about “Progressives”
  • ¨Obama’s Alliance with Wall Street and Big Business
  • ¨The Top Ten Lies They Tell About Taxes
  • ¨Stimulus and Bailouts – Who Profits?
  • ¨Goldman Sachs, BP, Enron:  Is “Green Energy” the Scam of the Century?
  • ¨Dirty Tricks and Vote Fraud in the 2010 Election
  • ¨Muslims versus the Ground Zero Mosque
  • ¨America’s Most Ridiculous Politicians
  • ¨Why the Elite Media Hate Us
  • ¨Glenn Beck vs. the Communist Party: A Tale of Two Rallies
  • ¨The Left’s War on Science and Reason
  • ¨How the Top Colleges Turn Kids into Stupid Leftists
  • ¨The Tea Partiers vs. the Race Baiters
  • ¨From ‘Starfish’ to ‘Overton’: Key Ideas Behind the Tea Party Movement
  • and more…
2:18 pm est          Comments

Calling for National Protest


American Majority is calling for a national demonstration of support for Scott Walker and leaders across the country who have the courage to fight the public sector union bosses - on Wednesday, February 23rd. 
11:25 am est          Comments

Monday, February 7, 2011

Economic Reality and Education

by Warren Jordans

The defeated school capital improvement vote in Canandaigua came as no surprise.  The project was soundly defeated by almost 1,000 votes with over 3,700 residents casting ballots. The Canandaigua Board of Education responded to this loss with a statement that they will now re-evaluate the needs and develop another strategy. Similarly, the recently defeated Naples school capital improvement vote solicited a similar response from the Naples Board of Education.  According to Superintendent Ward’s NCSversation (February 20th in the Naples Record) the Naples  Board of Education is reviewing the feedback received from property owners and are making changes to the original proposal with a re-vote scheduled for March 22, 2011.   This pattern of negative voter response is not local or regional, but national in scale. From New Jersey to California, the overall cost of education is being hotly debated. 

Read the entire statement
6:28 pm est          Comments

Friday, February 4, 2011

American Taxpayers to Slash Federal Bureaucrat Pay


Why Your Participation in This Petition is so Important

TCC will deliver your petition to your member of Congress demanding that he or she vote to enact a 10% across the board reduction in Federal pay (excluding the military).

So you can be sure the results should be studied carefully by members of Congress, Mr. Obama and his advisors, and be covered heavily by the news media. The purpose of this survey and petition is:

To send a message to members of Congress and Barack Obama that hard-working private sector employees are fed up with the ENORMOUS disparity of income between themselves and Federal bureaucrats.

To demand that members of Congress cut Federal bureaucrat salaries by 10% across the board.

To raise the funds needed to put this campaign into overdrive. If every overtaxed American who fills out this petition responds with a donation, TCC can reach out to the full 5,000,000 hard-working, taxpaying Americans we need to join us to make the 10% reduction of Federal pay a reality.

So, please make sure to sign the petition and complete the Contribution Section.

You and I must apply overwhelming pressure for members of Congress to pass a 10% reduction in all Federal pay and even more pressure for Obama to come to his senses and sign the legislation.

Yours to Reduce Federal Pay,

Howard Phillips
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus (TCC)

2:10 pm est          Comments

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