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Wind Videos






Windmill destruction SLOW MO

Sawtooth Vesta v47 Turbine Fire 

Molino eolico ardiendo

Tehachapi Windmills

Tug Hill Video

Wind Farm Subsidies

Wind Farm Developers Stealing Your Land

Mars Hill, Maine - Part 1

Mars Hill, Maine - Part 2

The Voices of Tug Hill, Part 1

The Voices of Tug Hill, Part 2

The Voices of Tug Hill, Part 3

Bliss, NY Wind Project

CWW - Interactive Community Videos

Industrial Wind Videos

UPC Videos

Wind Turbine Fire

Danish Wind turbine Accident

Vestas Wind System Failure and Crashes

Windmill on Fire in Palm
Springs, CA

Lackawanna NY Turbine Gear Failure

Complaints on windfarms from nearby residents

Wind Turbine Problems

Wind Energy Facilities in the Columbia River Gorge?

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