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IMF Energy Carbon Tax

Well, the International Monetary Fund is at it again. It looks like controlling entire economy conditions of nations is not enough for the IMF. The IMF urges higher energy taxes to fight climate change and lays out "exactly what it views as appropriate taxes on coal, natural gas, gasoline and diesel in 156 countries to factor in the fuels' overall costs, which include carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution, congestion and traffic accidents."

Ostentatious the save the planet crowd, must adore the idea of total global central planning. The Environmental Leader references the IMF book "Getting Energy Prices Right: From Principle to Practice" argues energy prices in many countries are too low and are set at levels that don’t reflect environmental damage.

Even the IMF employs the wizardry of a party line video to telegraph their intentions of global economic abidance to the new world "green conformity" order. Just chew over their IMF inducted promises of paradise.

"At a global level, implementing efficient energy prices would reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 23 percent and fossil-fuel air pollution deaths by 63 percent, while raising revenues (badly needed for fiscal consolidation and reducing other burdensome taxes) averaging 2.6 percent of GDP."

This is a formula for rapid and dramatic economic retraction if not permanent depression. For going market pricing for technocratic managed supply and rationed structures, guarantee that assurances of reducing "burdensome taxes" is beyond rational belief.

The Jason Plautz article, The IMF Wants Your Gas to Be More Expensive, in the National Journal has it correct. He comments on the implications in the same IMF book.

"The IMF states simply, "Many energy prices in many countries are wrong." The international bank backs tax reform that would peg fuel, coal, natural gas, and diesel prices to the cost of global warming, air pollution, and the impacts of motor-vehicle use.

For the U.S., for example, that could mean a $1.60 per gallon corrective tax on gasoline to cover health impacts from car exhaust pollution, traffic accidents, and wear and tear on highways, plus taxes on coal and natural gas to account for the energy sector."

This is a clear example of the bankster’s notion of tax reform – gouge the public to the point that travel in family vehicles, reduced to special occasions only, becomes the new normal.

Even more frightening is a report from down under. The Australian Financial Review assessment in IMF proposes 60% coal tax, that the "Getting Energy Prices Right report says coal should face a tax of about $US.3.30 per gigajoule of energy, about 60 per cent of the average world price of $5."

Stop at this point and ask a rudimentary question. Will the BRICS countries, especially, China and India accept or bear such a rise in cost for their coal plants, to pay tribute to the IMF globalists? Poppycock is the clear-cut answer to a clean-wish pipe dream of an imagined world-ending catastrophe.

The new public face and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund is Christine Lagarde. She is that French ex-patriot, not to be confused with nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen of the National Front.

"Madame Lagarde is not a French politician, she is a stateless female politician," Marine Le Pen told French television BFM.

"When one leads an international institution, one forgets her own nationality (…) and doesn’t refer anymore to her nation’s interests. [Being IMF chief] disqualifies her as a French politician."

The broader point is valid, that international institutions; particularly embodied in the nature of global financial control, have no moral authority, much less legitimacy to dictate to citizens and taxpayers of independent sovereign states.

Let Lagarde’s words speak for herself in her remarks, Promoting Responsible Energy Pricing.

"We also need to make sure that the poorest and most vulnerable households are protected. But let’s be clear: keeping energy prices artificially low is no way to help the poor. Instead, policymakers should focus on the overall fairness of the tax system—and make sure that all have access to decent healthcare, education, and social benefits."

What economic genius wrote these words? Artificially low energy pricing means for the globalists that striving for upward mobility must be limited, so that the super-rich; like Al Gore can operate their substantial energy consuming estates and fuel guzzling private planes. What is exactly an artificially low price on energy? If government EPA policy and regulations target coal fired electric generation for extinction, when clean coal systems are available, who deserves the blame for Electricity Price Index Soars to New Record at Start of 2014; U.S. Electricity Production Declining?

Surely, the IMF wicked witch would accept this as a necessary price to pay for all those wonderful and great intentions of eliminating all those dirty power plants. When will the IMF be satisfied? Will it take using candles to see in the dark or is it the real game plan to eradicate any prospects of prosperity by turning the middle class into third world beggars.

Lagarde’s assertion that the IMF has been "pushing hard for the elimination of energy subsidies, which—as discussed in IMF research published last year—are bad for the planet, bad for the economy, bad for the budget, and bad for social equity", defies credulity.

Whom is she attempting to fool? The owners of the corporatist economy control and operate the IMF as their private bigger bank. The scheme to impose a carbon tax is the brass ring that underpins the "Green" scare that has deceived so many gullible idiots. A greenhorn is a neophyte or a simpleton who has yet to understand why or who is goring them with a pile of bull.

The IMF bleeds countries dry wherever they undermine economies with their draconian conditional loans. Adopting the "Getting Energy Prices Right: From Principle to Practice" model will be the supreme coup that propels the poverty level to new heights. Whenever, the Super-Rich banksters secedes their affinity from their national identity, the Lagarde factor kicks in. It is time for the Le Pen era to begin. The IMF "has become an infernal machine at the service of the ultraliberal ideology, is in its current form an extremely harmful institution."

James Hall – August 6, 2014

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