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"When someone shoots at policemen, he's not just a 'youth', he's a lout, full stop."
Mr Sarkozy - daily Le Parisien

Paris is Burning

Burn Baby Burn!

In the 1966 movie, Is Paris Burning, the villains are Nazi's.  The French resistance at the end of the German occupation of Paris, are the brave opposition.  And the General von Choltitz is the moral exception, acting as a hero by defying Hitler's order to destroy the "City of Light".  Contrast this with the 1990 flick, Paris is Burning, which portrays the existence of the horror that is endemic in the gay lifestyle, which finds no redeeming characters.  "Men who want to be women explain how they've been injured by intolerance, many having been cut off from their families after enduring an unhappy childhood", has little to do with epic historic struggles.
The current ethnic uprising is most unsettling.  Witnessing the civil disorder that has overtaken the French underclass has more to do with why Paris is burning than asking the question is it on fire.  Those who delight in the unraveling of Gallic decorum, think hard before your satisfaction overwhelms your common sense.  Your wish may well come true to a neighborhood on your own block.  Race riots are not new, but cultural war played out on the turf of enlightened soil has a certain ring of just retribution.  The Jacobins of the French Revolution were quick to drop the guillotine of evenhandedness on their mortal enemies.  But by what 'right of man' do these ungrateful immigrants get the gall to tear down the great Republic?
The fruits of colonialism come home to roost when the conquered are allowed to live among native pure bred.  Looks as if Algeria taught nothing!  Morocco and Syria must have just been part of a bad dream.  The hallowed soil of the Normandy beaches has been betrayed.  Its sacred place lost not by marching divisions of Stormtroopers from a distant galaxy but by shock troops from a different continent.  The absurdity of 'PC' colorblind tolerance has severe detrimental consequences.  Mixing of incompatible cultures is even more ludicrous when the foreigners refuse to adopt the traditions of their host land. 
The French are world-class sticklers about maintaining the purity of their language.  Who else demands that the price to transact commerce be written in the script of littérature française and paid in the currency of Mumm champagne?

C'est la vie is a fine attitude when shared among Frenchmen.  But when the hordes of invaders refuse to assimilate and are allowed to multiply, la nation is doomed to annihilation.

Amir Taheri offers the following assessment:
"The French used to flatter themselves for the success of their policy of assimilation, which was supposed to turn immigrants from any background into "proper Frenchmen" within a generation at most.
That policy worked as long as immigrants came to France in drips and drops and thus could merge into a much larger mainstream.
Assimilation, however, cannot work when in most schools in the affected areas, fewer than 20 percent of the pupils are native French speakers.
Some are even calling for the areas where Muslims form a majority of the population to be reorganized on the basis of the "millet" system of the Ottoman Empire: Each religious community (millet) would enjoy the right to organize its social, cultural and educational life in accordance with its religious beliefs.
In parts of France, a de facto millet system is already in place. In these areas, all women are obliged to wear the standardized Islamist "hijab" while most men grow their beards to the length prescribed by the sheiks."
President Jacques Chirac's solution has been heard all too often before:

"We have to redouble our efforts to assure equal opportunities," Chirac added, touching on what activists say is a key root to the violence in communities where French citizens of immigrant origins remain second-class citizens in their own country."
Now contrast that capitulation with France's anti-immigrant National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen: "France is under attack from hordes of foreigners".  The overwhelming majority of the rioters are Moslems.  More than one in ten living in France are Moslem with an expediential birthrate.  Large areas of Paris are Moslem communities.  The gendarme enter these enclaves only when absolutely necessary and often require massive force.
On the political front optimistic reactions await:
"The Front`s leader Jean-Marie Le Pen placed second in the 2002 elections.
Some experts such as Jacqueline Costa Lascoux speculate the Front`s law-and-order platform may go down even better in the next election.
'You'll notice that the extreme right is saying nothing, is doing nothing right now,' said Costa-Lascoux, who heads the Observatory on Immigration and Integration, an independent body based in Paris. 'They don't have to do anything but wait.'"
Would Napoleon wait for an election to restore legitimate order to France?  Would DeGaulle vacillate and trump up socialist guilt for a false version of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity?  Bring in the real Foreign Legion and remove the threat in earnest.  Notions of being intolerant toward the down trodden is laughable.  Like the gender challenged (reine gaie de drague), the social deviant that prays to the East is irreconcilable with the tenants of Western Civilization.      Enduring an unhappy childhood is no excuse for trashing fundamental principles of civilized conduct.
The lesson for Americans is that not EVERYONE can attain the privilege of being a member of our country's kinship.  Even the Wehrmacht General had enough backbone to retain his moral compass.  When alien cultures seek to destroy their host benefactor the only solution is to rid oneself of the cancerous virus.  Secular humanism polluted the French familiarity for broad mindedness.  A milieu of excessive tolerance is the harbinger of inevitable extinction.  The culture of France is the essence of being a Frenchman.  So too, the underlying meaning our own national identity requires sober reflection and purging of contamination.
Open borders immigration is suicidal by nature.  Paris is burning because of the same reason that will invariably torch our homeland.  We will not be as lucky to have a von Choltitz that disobeys orders.  Our culture is rotting from the inside, because an American resistance will not commit to the same cause of the French Marquis.  Our enemy is no longer national socialism, it is "community of nations" globalism.  France must fight to remain French.  The United States are no longer united, nor should it continue as one country as long as parts of it refuse to salvage the last chance preserving our most fundamental heritage.  Now that Paris is burning the question for genuine countrymen: Is America Burning?
SARTRE - November 7, 2005  

"Once the crisis is over, everyone will have to understand there are a certain number of injustices in some neighbourhoods. We are trying to be firm and avoid any provocation. We have to avoid any risk of explosion."
Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy

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