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Currency Wars among Controlled Economies

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Nobel economics laureate Joseph Stiglitz on U.S. economic policy -

"It's doing nothing for the American economy, but it's causing chaos over the rest of the world. It's a very strange policy that they are pursuing."


Currency Wars among Controlled Economies

The rush to devalue national currencies is like cutting off your foot so your favorite transnational corporation can sell you an overpriced prosthesis, made in their overseas sweatshop, to an HMO that Medicare will cover. Soon with Obamacare, only Medicaid recipients will qualify. The way to look at devaluing your countries currency is that it takes more worthless fiat species to buy the same amount of products. How laudable is this economic policy? reports that in 2006 the United States exports as a percentage of GDP, $0.08 per every $1. That ranks 179 among the Globalist’s community of nation. Back in 2006, the Dollar was still viewed as a relatively stable reserve currency. After the 2008-manufactured financial collapse, the dollar rose briefly on foreign currency exchanges. Today you only hear that infamous giant sucking sound that presidential candidate Ross Perot warned about back in 1992. That thud you hear is our national wealth flushing down the drain of the international sewage-treatment system.

As a beleaguered tool of mega economic control, the consumer has only one purpose, buy more junk. Paying for the garbage translates into incurring higher personal debt levels. That formula maintained its momentum when the Federal Reserve notes were the coin of the worldwide realm, but no longer. Countries can no longer service their own government debt and the prospects of extorting even higher taxes to pay the banksters for their debt created currency racket is hitting a brick wall.

Thus, the need to resurrect inflation and devalue the U.S. Dollar is upon us. Debt repayment in cheaper currency stretches the sting for a while, but the breaking point is approaching. The globalists fully understand this process, since it is part of their master plan. Not every country is willing to suffer the same fate from this spider web of national self-destructive bankruptcy.


The Koran Times reports,

"The escalating "currency war" between the United States, China and Japan is encouraging Korea and other nations to thoroughly review their foreign exchange rate regimes.

The Korean government had not wanted the tricky Sino-American issue to spoil the G20 summit to be held in Seoul in November. But recent remarks from influential figures such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and Sakong Il, the chairman of Seoul’s G20 committee, indicate that the issue will be unavoidable.

"The foreign exchange rate will be discussed in the upcoming summit as part of a global economic framework discussion," Sakong acknowledged last Thursday during a promotional event of the G20 committee.

His remark reflects the general consensus reached at an international forum held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Seoul, where many participants such as former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin insisted the G20 treat the exchange rate issue more seriously".

Widely read columnist and hedge fund manager Bill Fleckenstein provides additional insight on the next round of quantitative easing,

"What actually is not known is what form said QE2 will take. "Fed mulls new bond approach," a story in the Sept. 28 Wall Street Journal by Fed reporter (and mouthpiece) Jon Hilsenrath, suggested that our central-bank powers that be have not decided exactly how to implement its QE2. According to the article, any Fed action to push money into the economy would likely be on the small side, yet over a longer period, as opposed to a large, short-lived "shock and awe" approach.

Even more important than Hilsenrath's article was an above-the-fold column Sept. 27 in the Financial Times headlined "Brazil in 'currency war' alert," in which Brazil's finance minister declared: "We're in the midst of an international currency war, a general weakening of currency. This threatens us because it takes away our competitiveness."

Taking away competitiveness is a fairy tale pipe dream for a country like Brazil that only has a $0.13 per $1 of GDP export ration. Now if an export country like Singapore with a $2.19 per $1 of GDP positive trade percentage would complain that might be different. Fellow "Asian Tigers" like Hong Kong and Malaysia share the prosperity of selling high price exports, while rapidly descending third world magnates like the United States only deny the destructive consequences of balance of trade shortfalls.


Helicopter Ben Bernanke cannot dispense free money from the skies forever. The actual cost of the paper would soon outstrip the value of the purchasing power of the cotton rag fiber. What is his alternative, offshore the duplication process itself to the Weimar Republic for printing "In the Fed We Trust" banknotes? The German experience is the model that is quickly coming to America, jackboots included.

The masters of the global economy created the Free Trade mantra to deceive the public and to line their pockets off the destruction of domestic independence. The United States does not need to suffer under the pain of permanent trade deficits. Even the mention of the word "Tariff" brings panic to the controlled international trade system that has succeeded turning America from a creditor nation into a begging land of illegal aliens.

Needed is a dynamic currency war not against foreign exchange currencies, but against the Federal Reserve "promise never to pay’ counterfeit note itself. When will FOREX trading finally register a Zimbabwe ranking for the flagship currency of the global empire? In any event, you can bet your last dime that your personal wealth will evaporate chop-chop, as the fortunes of commerce sail to the Eastern Hemisphere.

Then how does one account for the "Lost Decade" of Japan? The charlatan Noble Prize Economist Paul Krugman is no Shogun from Noble House. Krugman claims Japan experienced,

"a liquidity trap, in which consumers and firms saved too much overall, causing the economy to slow. He explained how truly massive the asset bubble was in Japan by 1990, with a tripling of land and stock market prices during the prosperous 1980s. Japan's high personal savings rates, driven in part by the demographics of an aging population, enabled Japanese firms to rely heavily on traditional bank loans from supporting banking networks, as opposed to issuing stock or bonds via the capital markets to acquire funds. The cozy relationship of corporations to banks and the implicit guarantee of a taxpayer bailout of bank deposits created a significant moral hazard problem, leading to an atmosphere of crony capitalism and reduced lending standards. He wrote: "Japan's banks lent more, with less regard for quality of the borrower, than anyone else's. In so doing they helped inflate the bubble economy to grotesque proportions."

This description sounds good after a quick reading, but notice that blaming saving too much, as a fault is pure sophistry. What Krugman does have right is the cozy relationship that the controlled economies demand from their Bakufu (means "tent government") vassals.

Tie this back to the currency war and you see the relevance in the Koran Times article,

"On September 15, the Japanese government intervened in its currency market to stop the yen rising against the dollar. Since then, similar efforts were made elsewhere in the world. According to news reports, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines all intervened in the market this week to stop their own currencies from rising. The phenomenon was dubbed as an "international currency war" by the Brazilian finance minister".

As the feudal system feuds with other distressed countries, the global corporatists seek greater ill gains from the destruction of their own domestic economies. The poor workers translate as the middle class; withstand the worst of their currency erosion. The controllers of global commerce, so far, are immune from the fate of the "little people". Will this continue into perpetuity, or does the imminent implosion of international commerce foretell a chaotic realignment of government regimes? What do you think? Taking poetic license, Hell has no fury like a currency scorned!

Recently "in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Geithner said the world sorely needs to agree on guidelines for exchange-rate policy. "Right now, there is no established sense of what's fair," he said". When did fairness ever enter into the equation when the global elites decide to destroy societies? Geithner is running scared because his overlords are getting resistance from upstart BRIC nation economies. Not every country is as bad off as the United States. China and India could be determinant players if the currency wars go nuclear.

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn is quoted as saying in the Financial Times, "There is clearly the idea beginning to circulate that currencies can be used as a policy weapon". Welcome to the New World Order, a place where money has no connection to real value and countries undermine their own economies to inflate away their debts because cash flow from taxes are in sharp decline. When business grinds to a halt, the paper trail will lead to default. Inherent Autonomy means you had better prepare.

SARTRE – October 24, 2010 

Countries using currencies as "policy weapons", "Translated into action, such an idea would represent a very serious risk to the global recovery...Any such approach would have a negative and very damaging longer-run impact." Dominique Strauss-Kahn - head of the International Monetary Fund

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