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Media Message Predetermined the Scottish Referendum

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Media Message Predetermined the Scottish Referendum
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"Bosses, bankers, billionaires and millionaires unite with Labour MPs, Tories, UKIP and the UK establishment to celebrate Project Fear." - Socialist campaigner Tommy Sheridan


Media Message Predetermined the Scottish Referendum

If there was ever any doubt of the macabre steps that the English Crown and business elite establishment will use or their ability to shape the media perception, the NO vote proves that the lesson of Macbeth has not been learned properly in this century. The predictions of the Witches are on track for an entire civilization that consent to a predetermination of damnation. The ambition of the City of London is protected and promoted by the Fleet Street media as the perfected Orwellian newspeak culture of the British upper class works its magic on the minds of Scots.

Rob Roy MacGregor, where are you when you are needed most? The EU is relieved that the Black Watch will still serve their British cousins and in turn keep the lid on other secessionist movements brewing within their undemocratic conglomerate. If you listen to the corporate media, all went well with the vote and those defiant “brave hearts” came to their senses; freedom is vastly overrated . . .

For a more perceptive viewpoint, the media lens article before the election, ‘Dark Omens’ And ‘Horror Shows’: Scottish Independence, Power And Propaganda, predicts the worst.

“The distorted BBC News reporting was picked up on social media and no doubt encapsulated what many viewers and listeners, particularly in Scotland, have been observing for months, if not years. One reader wrote an excellent email to us in which he said:”

“I’ve seen so much media bias with BBC Scotland since the turn of the year, but it’s now getting to laughable proportions. And now that we have the entire London press-mafia crawling all over it too, it’s daily headline news – all doom and gloom about how Scotland will fail, Scotland will be bankrupt, there’s no more oil left, jobs will go, etc etc. It’s been diabolical.’”

Christian Wright writes after the voting results in the account, DYSTOPIA.

“ON THE 18TH SEPTEMBER 2014, for the first time in the long history of the world, a country committed national suicide in front of a live global audience.

The voters of Scotland, a land with a thousand years provenance, and seven centuries a nation, declined to take responsibility for their own governance, and instead, entrusted it to a cabal of elitists from whom they can expect naught but sneering contempt.

So what will we lose here now that Scotland has chosen dependency?”

Dependency is a polite phrase for describing state despotism. The reports of voter fraud and electoral manipulation in favor of the YES campaign may have more merit than one would care to admit. However, the significant lesson to draw from the media assault against self-rule is that at no other time in history, has the narrative of perceived consensus been controlled so effectively.

Watch the video, Salmond Says Westminster Gang TRICKED Scottish "No" Voters But Fails To Mention VOTE RIGGING! 

The burden of citing all the examples of the fright message would require a book to list all the ways and tactics used to limit an honest debate, as a narrow media portrayal is built upon a disinformation presentation disguised as news.

The RT program Cross Talk entitled, Staying together, discusses the following questions. “Why did Scotland’s referendum fail? Would the establishment ever allow an independent Scotland? Is this the last time we will see a vote for independence in Scotland? Was the result of the referendum considered a success for the Scottish? Did this referendum pave the way for others – for example Catalonia?” Watch the video for an intelligent analysis.

The essay, Al Jazeera and Russia Today Propaganda or Factual Reporting? ponders whether reporting from these foreign sources actually bucks the pressitude media. Likewise, in a previous era, CIA agent William F. Buckley and forefather of NeoCon sympathies, conducted court on Firing Line. As the progenitor of a faux conservatism his erudite style and intellectual inquiry masked the protection racket of establishment rule.

Today’s delicatessen of political diatribes does not include haggis on the menu. The Scottish diet of independence from the UK does not sell in the corridors of Whitehall. While the BBC clings to a reputation of dignified presentation, there is little substance and even less of an appearance of objective reporting. 


In spite of such obstacles there are alternatives. The article entitled, Alt media success panics neocons, spills the beans. Just substitute the term NeoCons for establishment powers that control global institutions. Cracks in believability and truthfulness out of the MSM are evident to any thinking reader or viewer. Notwithstanding, the ability of the governing hierarchy still maintains their ability to cling to their dominance, using lies, deception and force.

“As Western mainstream media fall into the hands of lying billionaires, Zionists, and intelligence agencies (three categories with significant overlap) – and as neoconservatives script big media’s ignoble lies – a surging internet-based alternative media has arisen to challenge the elite’s false narratives. Thanks to alt-media, fewer and fewer people are buying the simplistic feel-good myths peddled by the mainstream.

While most old people still cling to the corporate media worldview, the young are skewing ever-harder toward alternative perspectives. In Thursday’s Scottish independence referendum, for example, the London Daily Mirror reported that 71% of 16-17 year olds voted “yes” while those over 65 voted “no” by a 73%-27% margin.”

Irvine Welsh explains in the Guardian a cogent post mortem and prediction of future discontent, This glorious failure could yet be Scotland's finest hour.

“As social media came of age in a political campaign in these islands, the rest of the establishment will be forever tarnished in the eyes of a generation of Scots. The senior officials of banks and supermarkets dancing to Whitehall's tune, their nonsense disseminated by the London press, was not unexpected, but the BBC extensively answered any questions about their role in a post-independent Scotland.

No sleep will be lost by the elites over that; the reason that this is such a bad result for the establishment is that it compels action; the narrow no decision, in tandem with the massive surge of momentum towards yes, leaves the issue unresolved. Though defeated in the poll, the independence movement emerged far stronger – from the narrow concern of a bourgeois civic nationalist party, to a righteous, vibrant, big-tent, pro-democracy movement. The referendum galvanised and excited Scots in a way that no UK-wide election has done. Like it or not, unless they come up with a winning devo max settlement, every general election in Scotland will now be dominated by the independence issue.”


The object lesson from this referendum is that movements for secession and self-determination scare the hell out of every global governance organization, regardless of their ideological stripes. Storming the motte-and-bailey constructions of the political castles and financial lords may not have captured the flag this go around, but the fate of the planet hinges on the campaign to defeat the world community of oligarchs.  

Authoritarians maintain their current hegemony by indoctrinating the public with a constant bombardment of a fear fantasy and false promises of protection from imaginary and fabricated false flag distractions. The worst behavior any average citizen can condemn themselves to is to become conversant in the dribble that corporate media dispenses. The spin that protects the ruling elites is produced with the full cooperation of governmental assistance.

Lines of distinction between the message and the policies that are promoted no longer are blurred, they now intersect. Scots were inundated with a full court press from the British nobility. Now that the hype is over, Salmond accuses Westminster of 'tricking' voters 

“Alex Salmond has accused the government of going back on its pre-referendum promises to give Scotland more powers.

The departing First Minister of Scotland said voters were "tricked" into believing Scotland would get extra powers and that Westminster is already looking to renege on the promise.”

The Financial Times reports that David Cameron promises further devolution for UK after No vote. “David Cameron promised greater powers for English MPs over English laws as the prime minister on Friday sought to reassure his restive parliamentary party that he would deliver a proper settlement for England in return for further devolution to Scotland....”

The Prime Minister’s assurances to the Scottish voters before the referendum are now set for blowback. Two in three English MPs want to axe Scots perks reflects the resentment in Parliament to the controversial Barnett formula, which means that public spending per head is £1,623 a year higher in Scotland than in England. It is payback time for the Scots who dared dream of creating their own independent government, free from UK governance.

All in all the European Union remains the prime target for future secession efforts. When fresh causes heat up, the scripted press lackeys, will earn their dirty money by ramping up the media fear machine. An open and fair expression of public autonomy is the greatest terror for the ruling Plutocrats. The Scot voter turnout was exceptionally high. The next ingredient needed to launch an autonomous society based upon genuine conservative principles of self rule starts with a boycott of corporate media.

SARTRE – September 22, 2014

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