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"Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear
God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be
rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and
rulers of tens
: "Exodus 18:21


The TUN - a true representative council

Only a foolish citizen could belief that Democracy is a sensible method for electing a legislative body or administrative officials. Most are in denial that Democracies cause untold harm. Reflecting the will of the people, in endless elections, is but a substitute for mob rule. The certain incompetence of the voters, guarantee that the most corrupt take control, through the casting of meaningless ballots. The election cycle is a waste of time, energy and money that never provides a meaningful change in government direction. So what is the alternative?

An original thinker named Bob Taft from Wyoming popularizes the TUN form of representation. The condensed version is very simple. Based upon the Biblical teaching of Exodus 18:21 (several variants provided) the King James Bible states: “Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place [such] over them, [to be] rulers of thousands, [and] rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens”.

Originally, the TUN is a group of ten families. The fifty could be a clan, consisting of a group of 50 TUNS. Likewise, the hundreds could be a tribe of a 100 clans. The thousand would be the next group of tribes, a nation. The actual size of each unit or the number of subsets needed to include the population is secondary to the principle that is put forth.

Namely, the primary group or the TUN, determines the selection process. The delegate from this TUN selects the single representative for the next larger group. This progression continues to each level of representation for the entire populace. Historically, Mr. Taft cites the experience of using the TUN form of selection by the Saxons prior to the Norman Conquest. He also tracks that, “The ancient system by the way also existed under the Iroquois Constitution (or Algonquin Confederation) which directly influenced the drafting of our 1777 Articles of Confederation”.      

So what is the significance of this primordial concept in today’s society? People believe that voting is a right and is the centerpiece of a democratic form of government. Well, that thinking “ensures that the most dishonest manipulate the scheme” because the direct election of public office holders is designed by a “spoil system”  that fosters a corrupt two political party dialectic sham, while preventing good candidates from ever attaining office.

By applying the prudent principles of the TUN method, a real representative republic is possible. Consider a model that retains the current levels of government separations that exist today.

1)    Legal resident citizens register to vote in their town (TUN - Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse word for town). They cast a ballot from among their ranks to administer local government with a set term limit of four years.

2)    The town representative official has the privilege to select the administrator for the county level of government, with a set term limit of four years, from the ranks of other town administrators.

3)    The county administrators select an assembly representative, with a set term limit of four years, from a geographic district based upon equal population, from the ranks of county administrators.

4)    The assembly representatives select a senate representative, with a set term limit of four years, from a geographic district based upon equal population, from the ranks of assembly members from the senate district.

5)    The senate representatives select a governor, with a set term limit of four years, from the senators of the state.     

6)    The assembly representatives select a U.S. Congressional representative from a geographic state district from a former county administrator of that assembly district, with a set term limit of four years.

7)    The senators select a U.S. Senator from a former county administrator from the entire state, with a set term limit of four years.

8)    The Governors of all the states select the President of the Republic for a one-year term.

This is a brief outline of the TUN representative council in action. For those who favor and prompt a state or national constitutional convention, it is necessary to have a true representative alternative to the nuisance of direct democracy or the fascism and cronyism of two-party tag team elections. Is it possible to apply this method through the current political establishment system? Most unlikely; however, the importance of the exercise and future debate is to have an alternative when the current unconstitutional system collapses. 

Go back to Exodus 18:21. The TUN system requires standards for representatives.

a)    trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain

b)    honest men who fear God and hate bribes

c)    men who fear God, men you can trust, men who hate corruption

d)    able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness

e)    men of ability, fearing God, men of truth, hating dishonest gain

Take you pick. Where in the current political party electoral system would one even find such a person? Because of this fact, a future application of TUN representation will need to be applied after an implosion and under a restoration society, after the collapse.

Mr. Taft adds to our understanding. The next quote is not currently online.

“Exodus 18:21 government ("rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, rulers of tens") was in play during the OT times of Kings, and of Judges, until the scam of "democracy" set in and Israel was conquered and expelled and became the "Lost Tribes" up above the Caucasus mountains.  Exodus 18:21 government was then carried across Europe to "the Isles," where it still ruled in Saxon England until subverted by the Norman imposition of the Roman judicial and Jewish money systems in the 11th century.  Still it took another two hundred years to completely replace it with democracy, its practicality and tolerance being so ever better than what followed.


Jumping to these shores, the tribes of the Algonquin Confederation operated under a similar system, the women of the clans starting the ball rolling.  Whether the Confederated tribes received Exodus 18:21 governments from European roots, along with their Long Houses, or if it was just the logical way to set up an ordered society is unimportant.  The fact is they did it and it was so successful that it directly inspired our original government under the 1777 Articles of Confederation.  This is why I credit the women and men of the Algonquin Confederation, along with the men of our 1776 Declaration of Independence and 1777 Articles of Confederation as our true FOUNDING FATHERS AND MOTHERS, and not the Founding Scoundrels of 1787 who subverted our system as did the Normans in Saxon Britain. 

In Saxon England the basic political unit was called the TUN, consisting of ten families.  Each Tun selected one man to sit in the lowest council. Had we this system in use here we could go from the Tun level to the unicameral Congress in five or six steps, councils along the way - of no more than fifty members - serving the requirements of state, county, city, township government, whatever seemed necessary, while 90% of the peoples' sovereignty and responsibility still remained back home with the families.  I can even conceive of a World Government established along these lines, with all power from the people and not from the moneyed elite at the economic top. 

To do this, the first thing is the abandonment of democracy and the greedy desire to dominate others.  This is the big problem.  Our various ethnic and religious factions have too long thought that others had to lose for them to win.  This is a lie.  It is possible for everyone to win.  Down at the TUN level the ten families might be all Libertarians, or Republicans, or Jews, or Methodists, or Islamists, or queer perverts, or even democrats, who cares.  They do their own thing and send one man (or woman) forth to the first council.  In no time at all, whatever life style and belief system that is not universally acceptable will wither and cease to exist at higher levels, yet may flourish forever where it is acceptable.  What's wrong with this?”

That is a good question! What is wrong with that, other than that, the greedy and sociopathic power elites would not be able to control their New World Order creation.

Watch the short video, Study Law-Kingdom Principles that explains the nature of your own Inherent Autonomy. The TUN council allows for the most freedom for the greatest number of people. Society abhors a vacuum. Pure anarchy is unsustainable. Dictatorship is the rule for most of history. Democracy is at best, a benign adaptation of coerced coexistence, but usually deteriorates into a grim and perverted hopelessness. Repeating the same mistakes and attempts to prop up a collapsing empire is social lunacy. Then view the Psywar documentary film, which depicts the methods that enslaves the country. The American Republic is long dead.

Do not get in the way of the inevitable. Resurrect your own family TUN and challenge the entire corrupt government invention of shared destiny. The future belongs to the brave who have the courage to admit that a different way is the only sane option.

SARTRE – September 12, 2010

"If a Lord of the Confederacy should seek to establish any authority independent of the jurisdiction of the Confederacy of the Great Peace, which is the Five Nations, he shall be warned three times in open council, first by the women relatives, second by the men relatives and finally by the Lords of the Confederacy of the Nation to which he belongs. If the offending Lord is still obdurate he shall be dismissed by the War Chief of his nation for refusing to conform to the laws of the Great Peace. His nation shall then install the candidate nominated by the female name holders of his family". Constitution of the Iroquois Nations

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