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The Dragoons Sweep the Streets

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"The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility."
Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Dragoons Sweep the Streets

The thin veneer of civilization has once again proven, to be too fragile for confidence in the long-term future of a disintegrating country. As the mainstream media coverage of the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown and the ensuing riots illustrates, "never let a crisis go to waste", also applies to situations cooked up to spread the gospel and virtues of a Homeland Security Brown Shirt Corp. The race-baiting machine loves to broadcast the PC culture as the time-tested diversion from the existential threats to our very survival. "Keep hope alive" is just as dead as Rodney King, and his unforgettable plea, "Can we all just get along?"

The Eric Holder’s, Jessie Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of the three-ring race card circus, feast on the opportunity to divide the nation and exploit their own brothers and sisters.

Even the bleeding heart Mother Jones publication cites the facts in the article,
Exactly How Often Do Police Shoot Unarmed Black Men?

"Between 2003 and 2009, the DOJ reported that 4,813 people died while in the process of arrest or in the custody of law enforcement. These include people who died before an officer physically placed him or her under custody or arrest. This data, known as arrest-related deaths, doesn't reveal a significant discrepancy between whites, blacks, or hispanics. It also doesn't specify how many victims were unarmed. According to the FBI, which has tracked justifiable homicides up to 2012, 410 felons died at the hands of a law enforcement officer in the line of duty.*"

Such data does not jive well for the Holder Injustice Department narrative that US still a nation of cowards on race. "Certain subjects are off-limits and that to explore them risks at best embarrassment, and at worst, the questioning of one’s character," he told his agency employees at an event celebrating Black History Month." Pardon me, Mr. Top Cop, your actions speak louder than your disingenuous words. Your own racism is a cornerstone of the Obama’s administration of selective prosecution and your tribal protection racket.


Erika Harrell, Ph.D. BJS Statistician examines Black Victims of Violent Crime in a DOJ study.

"Blacks were victims of an estimated 805,000 nonfatal violent crimes and of about 8,000 homicides in 2005. While blacks accounted for 13% of the U.S. population in 2005, they were victims in 15% of all nonfatal violent crimes and nearly half of all homicides. These findings are based on data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR), Supplementary Homicide Reports."

Lastly, the intense outrage from the black community over the termination of Michael Brown loses credibleness, when their silence is so deafening over the cultural approval from the methodical genocide of their own kind. Dating from the abortion decision, Roe Vs Wade, "
Michael Novak had calculated "Since the number of current living Blacks (in the U.S.) is 36 million, the missing 16 million represents an enormous loss, for without abortion, America's Black community would now number 52 million persons. It would be 36 percent larger than it is. Abortion has swept through the Black community like a scythe, cutting down every fourth member."

Is it not time to discard the bogus race blame game and concentrate on the real and present danger to ALL Americans from federal domestic law enforcement (translation – Nazi Gestapo federal decree thugs) dragoons in black uniforms?

"Despite appearances, dragoons are not really cavalry but mounted line infantry, riding into a battle then fighting on foot.
Dragoons are also useful for riot control and civil suppression ("dragooning" is to bully people into a course of action)."

The modern version rides in armed Mine-Resistant Armored Protection (MRAP) military vehicles. Slap a fresh coat of black paint and pealed on decals, claiming to be the POLICE, and you have mercenary Hessians ready for Iraqi style extermination missions.

The Psychotic Militarization of Law Enforcement article, concludes, "The psychotic statists that have no problem with the militarization of law enforcement are enemies of the people." In addition, the essay Popular Culture Promotes the Police State argues, "A culture that glorifies jack booted thugs that order innocent citizens around as sinister terrorists destroys the essence of the nation." Both support the insightful analysis by Glenn Greenwald in the Intercept account, The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson.


"The intensive militarization of America’s police forces is a serious menace about which a small number of people have been loudly warning for years, with little attention or traction. In a 2007 paper on "the blurring distinctions between the police and military institutions and between war and law enforcement," the criminal justice professor Peter Kraska defined "police militarization" as "the process whereby civilian police increasingly draw from, and pattern themselves around, the tenets of militarism and the military model."

Mr. Greenwald goes on to reference.

"The best and most comprehensive account of the dangers of police militarization is the 2013 book by the libertarian Washington Post journalist Radley Balko, entitled "Rise of the Warrior Cops: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces." Balko, who has devoted his career to documenting and battling the worst abuses of the U.S. criminal justice system, traces the history and underlying mentality that has given rise to all of this: the "law-and-order" obsessions that grew out of the social instability of the 1960s, the War on Drugs that has made law enforcement agencies view Americans as an enemy population, the Reagan-era "War on Poverty" (which was more aptly described as a war on America’s poor), the aggressive Clinton-era expansions of domestic policing, all topped off by the massively funded, rights-destroying, post-9/11 security state of the Bush and Obama years. All of this, he documents, has infused America’s police forces with "a creeping battlefield mentality."

Well before this latest incident of police overkill, John W. Whitehead wrote the following in Has the Dept. of Homeland Security Become America’s Standing Army?

"If the United States is a police state, then the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is its national police force, with all the brutality, ineptitude and corruption such a role implies. In fact, although the DHS’ governmental bureaucracy may at times appear to be inept and bungling, it is ruthlessly efficient when it comes to building what the Founders feared most—a standing army on American soil."

Here lies the essence of the communal danger that protesting black citizens need to focus on in order to mature into true champions of liberty and justice. The common bond among a genuinely sincere populace is our mutual survival. The federal government is not a benefactor or dispenser for social justice. Obama is certainly no savior, especially to the black community, any more than George Bush or Bill Clinton. All three share the same authoritarian motivations, budgets and domestic targets of anti-federal sentiment.

Implementing DHS directives is the purpose of dragoon recruitment. Indoctrinating local police into the militarization mindset, illustrated in the KSDK report,
St. Louis County Police Chief Timothy Fitch visits Israel for counter-terrorism, is frightening to any rational civil libertarian.

"St. Louis County Police Chief Timothy Fitch will be part of a national delegation of law enforcement officials traveling to Israel next month to study counter-terrorism tactics.

Over a weeklong visit, the delegation will learn how Israel's police, intelligence and security forces prevent terror attacks, and includes visits to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Tiberias. Law enforcement will be briefed by members of the Israel National Police, the Israel Defense Forces, among others.

The trip is part of the Anti-Defamation League's National Counter-Terrorism Seminar."

Ask yourself what legitimate purpose or justification is there for transforming local police departments from peacekeepers into federalized SWAT squads. The risk from domestic terrorism comes directly from clandestine false flag operations planned and executed by the shadow government.

Arming federal agents with billions of hollow point bullets gives a clear message to every God fearing person that you are the target of an internal rolling thunder campaign. Ponder just how foolish it is to muster the emotional energy to protest one regretful incident of police brutality, when an all-inclusive dragnet of bondage and repression is building all around our collective neighborhoods.

The diverse society that currently engulfs America is a
Living with David Duke and Louis Farrakhan, experiment. So far, we are failing miserably to understand, much less admit, that the reciprocal villain is not shades of skin color, but our common and shared enemy in the NWO Empire.

Rebel, Protest and March on the establishment in mass and embark into the struggle for the proper, correct and ultimately the universal moral reason. Life is not sacred to the elites, who are inducing chaos and delight in playing off different groups against each other. Rally around the definitive and decisive cause, which is necessary to establish a rebirth of human dignity and individual sovereignty. The dragoon brigades are incendiary troops meant to kill and maim dissent on every street that shows resistance. Assemble our mutual and righteous indignation where it belongs.

SARTRE – August 18, 2014

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"Police officers today are a protected class, one no politician wants to oppose. Law enforcement interests may occasionally come up short on budgetary issues, but legislatures rarely if ever pass new laws to hold police more accountable, to restrict their powers, or to make them more transparent. In short, police today embody all of the threats the Founders feared were posed by standing armies, plus a few additional ones they couldn’t have anticipated.." - Radley Balko




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