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"A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier"
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Pride in America the Stupid

Anyone who has ever injected politics into a discussion knows that it guarantees controversial discourse. People agree on very little, these days. It was not always that way. Once upon a time, there was a basic consensus on fundamental core worldviews. God was revered, natural law was accepted and tyranny was despised. Now, we live in perpetual chaos after burying the Almighty, discarding traditional values and tolerating permanent despotism. What remains is politics conducted as a fantasy sport game. Avoidance of reality is the source of national pride.

Just look to the first couple of political spin Mary Matalin and James Carville. Their bequest is a version of doctrine that produces nothing useful. Both have built their careers on perfecting the art of lying. Each is a patron for a different family of the criminal government syndicate. After all the shouts and raving, both smell of a lap dog in heat.

For political junkies watching their duet gets old with every episode of disinformation. No wonder so many citizens vote for apathy by staying away from the election booth. Yet, even the concept that voting is a serious expression of citizen participation seems mistaken when the results of elections never change anything for the better.

Those who still engage in the election charades get frustrated or cynical. Only the party hacks celebrate victory for the political class. An assessment on American Political Attitudes and Participation, is an obscenely absurd viewpoint of the state of political affairs.

"Although Americans share some broad agreements on basic political values, such as liberty, equality, and justice, they reflect a wide range of political attitudes, from highly conservative ideologies to very liberal ones. Despite their differences, modern Americans share one other political view — they are highly critical of politicians, and they have high expectations for their government and their elected leaders."

High expectations from government and elected officials are so devoid from sensibility that any proponent that suggests that the country retains any semblance of legitimacy needs to seek professional mental health treatment. In addition, does anyone really believe that the public is truly committed to the principles of liberty, equality, and justice? Get real . . .

An admission of honest sentiment from within the two-headed party beast organism says it all.

Stupid and Evil Political Parties acknowledges the following:

"IN AMERICA, WE have a two-party system.

There is the stupid party. And there is the evil party.

I am proud to be a member of the stupid party.

Periodically, the two parties get together and do something that is both stupid and evil.

This is called – bipartisanship." A Republican congressional staffer speaking to a visiting group of Russian legislators.

This conclusion should not shock anyone. Yet who is really the stupid one, the political system or the subjects that continue to keep voting for meaningful change that never comes? The actual outcome from every election cycle pushes the government further towards totalitarianism.

The Ragin’ Cajun has a new book, coauthored with pollster Stan Greenberg, It's the Middle Class, Stupid! The Washington Post highlight the message, "if Democrats want to win in 2012, they must reframe their message to directly appeal to this demographic."

On the middle class:

Carville and Greenberg say the question "How does this protect America’s middle class?" is the "filter through which everything must pass." "There are some who want to be ‘quiet’ about the impolite topic of the fate of the middle class," they write. But "the predicament of the middle class is the only thing we’re going to talk about. Basically the biggest change we can bring to the issue of the future of the middle class is to be [expletive] about it. We are not going away."


Really, if the political elites were truly concerned about the plight of the middle class, the entire culture of federal government primacy would need to be eliminated. Since the phony War of Terror created the hysteria and bogus excuse for absolute central government, Americans have lived under the erosion of liberty with every new law, regulation and policy. After the melt down of the financial megabanks, the populace has seen their standard of living tank. While the general public prefers the bliss of ignorance to the responsibility of accountability, the political system proceeds with even more draconian measures.

The charge that stupidity is the new national anthem is not an insult, but a confession of complicacy. Sharing allegiance to a government designed to strip away your inherent rights, knows no ideological boundaries. Every range of the political spectrum that salutes the central planners and bows to the tune, hail to the chief, wallows in the cesspool of self-delusion.

Watching the middle class evaporate and turn into a dependent beggar is difficult. However, the agony of seeing hordes of state lackeys demand even greater government control, is unbearable. So why do people tolerate such conditions?

The Daily Beast offers a test - How Dumb Are We? Take the exam and see if you are one of the following.

"When NEWSWEEK recently asked 1,000 U.S. citizens to take America’s official citizenship test, 29 percent couldn’t name the vice president. Seventy-three percent couldn’t correctly say why we fought the Cold War. Forty-four percent were unable to define the Bill of Rights. And 6 percent couldn’t even circle Independence Day on a calendar.

A Jan. 25 CNN poll, meanwhile, discovered that even though 71 percent of voters want smaller government, vast majorities oppose cuts to Medicare (81 percent), Social Security (78 percent), and Medicaid (70 percent). Instead, they prefer to slash waste—a category that, in their fantasy world, seems to include 50 percent of spending, according to a 2009 Gallup poll."

A lack of common sense is a primary result of all the political propaganda of the last half century. The loony loyalist of a deceitful political system causes the political indifferent to look rational. In spite of this distressing comparison, the real revolutionary leadership that demands an end to perverted political institutions and the corrupt administrative agencies are trashed as enemies of the state.

Professing idiocy as a bonding trait with similar inhabitants is a mark of acceptability. The race to earn the title of the "village idiot" is proudly coveted. Defending a diminished subsistence existence has been twisted into a requirement to be a loyal American. Just how stupid are people that rationalize acceptance of serfdom?

The characteristics of a good bureaucrat put forth as a shining example of duty and obedience to the establishment only fools the chumps. Devotion to a subverted system is the real treason. If you verbalize this conclusion to a friend, you may end up with a hostile neighbor. If you start this kind of conversation with a stranger, you may be in danger of a poke in the nose. The fear of confronting the national plight is so deep and widespread that most residents will go to extreme lengths to avoid the most profound existential questions.

By any objective standards, the United States is in a freefall of educational acumen. The social indoctrination, perfected through government schools, produced a society of nonfunctional imbeciles. The newspeak of the Mary Matalin’s and James Carville’s only reinforces the false
paradigm. The cheerleaders who champion the crooked political institutions that protect the elites, while whipping the underlings needs to be ignored. Listen to those who cry out for authentic social justice.

Wise up! Educate your fellow ill-advised neighbor. Engage in the political process through opinionated speech. Demand confrontation with officialdom and uplift the timid with your own courage. Cultivate relationships with sound logic and Christian compassion. Stupidity can be reversed, when the will to learn is accepted.

Help to stamp out complacency and apathy with inspiration and example. The road back from serfdom is not easy and often is not well travelled. It is your task to increase the traffic on this highway. Teach the actual history of our heritage and accept nothing less than a devotion to genuine patriotic principles.

Moral precepts that defend individual liberty are the only rules that one should not break. Cast off folly and accept the natural worth of your own being. Government is not a friend; it is the foe of an independent and civilized society.

SARTRE – July 8, 2012

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"American democracy must be a failure because it places the supreme authority in the hands of the poorest and most ignorant part of the society" - Thomas Babington

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