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"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. BUT cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear."
 Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Statesman, philosopher and orator
(Speech in the Roman Senate)

A Senate of Subversion

The Oligarchy Despotism of the Poltical Aristocracy

The "World's greatest deliberative body" - the U.S. Senate - claims to be the mainstay of individual liberty, minority rights and legislative temperance.  In many circles, the exulted accolades that are bestowed upon this body of lawmaking elders approach reverence.  While some of the most heralded figures in American politics have served in this august body, the chronicle of the last half-century is a very mixed record of accomplishments.  Most observers view the Senate as the senior chamber in Congress while calling the House the people's body.  Examine the cast of characters that now hold office and ask, are they really defenders of national virtue or are they conspiratorial collaborators in the systematic destruction of a free and independent nation?
The protracted strategy used by Senators to obstruct dangerous legislature has been a mainstay employed by both parties.  The notion of harm usually rests upon the political ideology and self-interest of the representative and the effect that law might have on his own party's grip on power.  Senators see themselves having a perpetual incumbent career.  Without operative term limits, the voter seldom has a real choice to remove recalcitrant dinosaurs.  Since legitimacy rests within citizen consent, the lack of unambiguous means to remove serial scoundrels or to prevent habitual agents of national destruction to gain party nominations, dooms the country to an endless cycle of domestic subversion.

That's what the Senate is about. It's the last bastion of minority rights, where a minority can be heard, where a minority can stand on its feet, one individual if necessary, and speak until he falls into the dust.
Robert Byrd

I say now and have often said before, Fathers of the Senate, that a well-disposed and helpful prince, to whom you have given such great and unrestrained power, ought to be the servant of the Senate, often of the citizens as a whole, and sometimes even of individuals.
Tiberius Caesar

The core systemic problem lies in the fraudulent scheme of both parties claiming a loyal opposition in Congress.  The major abusers are Senators.  If Senator Byrd is correct “a minority can be heard”, why does party solidarity rule the votes on most issues?  What Tiberius Caesar admits - power sharing among and for the interests of the elites - is disregarded in the dishonest rhetoric that deceptive Senators foist upon a boisterous public.


The expansion of using a filibuster to block presidential nominations is a departure from historic legislative function.  Those Republicans that fail to identify the nature of Democratic subversion operate as if a constant and continual political warfare does not exist.  The GOP has clearly demonstrated that they are unwilling to govern.  While the Democrats prove repeatedly that they are bent on destroying the Republic.  Yet, think not that this issue is reducible to party politics.  No, this is another example of internal civil war that refuses to deal with the final solution for restoring our nation to health.


The infection of “totalitarian collectivists” has taken root within the Senate.  The ideology of a twisted secular humanism has fostered the disease of progressive liberalism.  These “true believers” promote a sick view of individualism while they plot to expand the scope and reach of all things governmental.  Real traditional conservatism cannot coexist with a militant Marxist fifth column.  Now don’t confuse this assessment as an endorsement of Bush neocon policy.  Quite the contrary, only a sweeping conservatism can defeat an extreme hijacking by these interlopers in both parties.  Promotion of the State as a solution demands an Emilio Mola Vidal solution.  The nation deserves a defense of traditional heritage. 


The ADA is America's oldest independent liberal lobbying organization.  It has long rated the voting records of representatives. Each year, ADA's Legislative Committee selects 20 votes it considers the most important during that session.  Naturally these issues vary but each is judged based upon advancement of a liberal viewpoint.  Even a casual review of the names below will reveal the familiar names that vote to enlarge the federal octopus.  Coercion is their battle hymn and bondage their legacy.  

ADA Senate Democrats
Lifetime Voting Record


ADA Senate Republicans
Lifetime Voting Record


* Jeffords voting record mostly as a Republican

# Note, Clinton, Corzine and Coleman voting record not available.


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These are comrades of the Gang of Four waging their own Cultural Revolution.  Judge their casting of ballots as testimony to their disdain for American principles.  In keeping with Mao Tsetung’s little Red Book, these Senators engineer legislation with only the subtle threat of the barrel of a gun.  But the results are the same.  The Senate is made up of this clandestine group of subversive agents who undermine the nation's solidarity by any means at their disposal.  If their true mission were not concealed with the pity of humanism the piety of their collectivism would be confronted.  The reality of this false ideology would have you accept that humanism is laudable and that collectivism is the means to achieve an earthly paradise. 


The four housemen of the Apocalypse – Schumer, Feingold, Lautenberg and Levin ride with several whores of Babylon.  Boxer, Mikulski, Murray, Feinstein and Landrieu carry the water and service the beast.  Apostates like Durbin, Leahy, Harkin and Sarbanes practice their heresy and betray their forbearers.   The usual suspects, Clinton, Kennedy, Dodd and Kerry all circumvent their numerous crimes.  Wyden, Kohl, Lieberman, Specter and Coleman all cast the orthodox vote.  Rockefeller and Corzine bankroll the next stage of the communist revolution as Biden’s plagiarism insults the meaning of the 1776 rebellion.  Reid and Byrd via for title Mr. Senility while the Republican pretenders Chafee, Snowe and Collins are in the middle of their identity crisis.  Turncoat Jeffords brings up the rear of independence as he votes for the party of asses.


How can any reasonable and patriotic American have respect for this band of traditional defectors, who substitute a pernicious set of values and a suicidal plan as a substitute for legitimate laws?  As for doing political business with this crew on an organized crime council designed to extort and intimate the neighborhood, you would have to be crazy!  Judicial filibustering appointments can hardly be characterized as upholding minority rights.  Even with an emperor who wears no clothes and wants to be a dictator isn’t justification for the barbarian collectivist ideology that seeks to destroy civilization.  Caligula’s horse Incitatus in the Senate might just be an improvement! The pompous elitism of an artificial aristocracy of power craving socialists does not make a Republic. 


The United States Senate is a sad ruse for self-governing representation.  Populist autonomy demands the expulsion of commissars.  Counterfeit representation is worse than overt autocrats.  The extremism in this club of minority subversion is an offense against the vast majority of the innocent population.  Essential conservatism requires the purging of the despicable plague brought on by these vile Senators.  Radical means are necessary and justified in relegating this crowd of progressive despots into the dark pit of Hades.


How hypercritical it is to preach the merits of egalitarianism while defying the representation of the majority.  A break with tradition is always the method advocated by the open-minded and tolerant multiculturalists.  The intrinsic worth of the individual is inevitably sacrificed for the privileged status of these Senators.

You don’t have to support an executive administration to favor the eradication of sinister Senators.  The debate about the proper role and conduct for the branches of government cannot be enacted, as long as the votes cast by the Senate are from egomaniacal deranged subversives.  The pigmies of power maintain their grip over domestic tranquility because the public refuses to tar them as traitors.  The body politic needs to be deliberative and banish the culprits of sedition to their den of devils.


SARTRE - May 31, 2005

Like Cato, give his little senate laws, and sit attentive to his own applause.
Alexander Pope

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