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Two Causes, Two Results

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Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs
in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.
George Orwell

Two Causes, Two Results


The sorry state of affairs that dominates the United States is no accident.  The hollow shell of a forlorn Republic has been stripped bare.  The rapid deterioration of the American dream has been transformed into a perpetual nightmare.  Abandoning moral conduct and spiritual direction, the country has allowed and accepted a betrayal of basic and fundamental principles. The national malaise stems from critical causes, which create predictable consequences.  At the core of these causes is the mind-set of Internationalism and the belief in Free Trade.  The inevitable result of adopting these erroneous policies produces the perilous plague that afflicts our country.  Debt and the destruction of the middle class is the inescapable outcome that stares families and individuals directly in their faces.  The heritage of our birthright has been sold out. 




Think hard and deep.  What is the nature of Internationalism?  Sure we all live on the same globe.   However, we are not all similar nor do we all have the identical objectives.  Internationalists avidly spread the gospel of interdependency while they unappeasably condemn the natural motives of unilateral self-interest.  The reason why nations exist, is to further and protect their own societies.  Cultures are diverse while people are individuals.  The drive to impose uniformity in economics, politics and law is about as sensible as claiming that all cultures are equal.  At its foundation, Internationalism demands a singular way to do business.  Yet, commerce is subordinate to the real root objective of the methodical impositions upon every corner of the world.  People control is the only goal that conforms to the commands of Internationalism. 


Obviously competing factions, opposing ideologies and dissenting social models must all come into line to achieve the vaulted promise of peace and harmony – the promise of Internationalism.  The denial of universal human nature is central to selling the sham of Internationalism.  The only consistency with that nature is that the very few seek to rule over the many.  Elitism is essential to coordinate the institutions of compliance.  Worldwide laws must conform to the whims of the bureaucratic apparatus, who serve their plutocrat masters.  Military enforcement hangs over the heads of any rebellious bloc who dares to buck the system.  Self-determination is about as remote, under Internationalism, as independent autonomy is natural to the human spirit of each individual.




The shill mantra that permeates economics rallies under the flag of Free Trade.  What is free about manipulated pricing?  Even the most unsophisticated financial apprentice knows that it takes money to eat.  Labor for wages requires a job to earn the paycheck.  The Free Trader advocate loathes protectionism because it conflicts with the objectives of Internationalism.  Free Trade is essentially a system of deceit that destroys national production and independence as the price that must be paid to achieve interdependence.  Placing a world economy that enriches an oligopoly while limiting the effective economic options of the masses is the core commodity sold to an insatiable consumer brain washed into buying the latest excessive fad.  Under the hoax of Free Trade policy - useless jobs and superfluous careers - replace essential production and self-sufficiency.  Speculation becomes the substitute for trade as the economy thrives upon scams as a way to survive. 


Exporting meaningful employment is the primary product build upon Free Trade.  The de-industrialization of America is marketed as a benefit with the reward of cheap consumer imports.  The Free Trader proponent targets tariffs as an assault against the international model of the corporate/state matrix.  A rival traditional economic formula that built a mercantile merchant class economy cuts directly at the international paradigm.  The plan is simple.  Induce the addict to buy the drug of foreign imports, and close down the means of domestic industrialization.  Free Trade impoverishes and enslaves consumers in a vicious cycle of self-deception.




The unavoidable financial consequence of a dependent economy is a mounting debt.  Both personal and public indebtedness are at record levels.  Sustainability of the debt bubble is impossible.  The evidence of the crashing value of the dollar, the soaring balance of payment trade deficit and the recent dramatic increases in interest rates all point to a collapse of prosperity.  Fractional reserve monetize tender controlled by central banking is the beneficiary of Internationalism and Free Trade.  The funding change for government at all levels is a key indicator of a nation’s financial health.  By the objective standard of current civic liabilities and obligations, the country is bankrupt.  Add the costs of foreign interventionism as the global policeman and the total mounts higher than the trade surplus of Communist China.  It’s a matter of time before the U.S. Dollar is replaced as a settlement currency for oil.  How will all those imports be financed and who will buy Treasury Bonds when the purchasing value of the currency becomes counterfeit confetti?


Unrealistic debt generates market absurdities.  Forbes reports that GM has a debt in excess of 300 billion dollars.  Now Bloomberg informs: “The current Google's stock price pushed the company's market value to $60 billion, more than media congloms such as Viacom and Disney, not to mention industrial icons such as General Motors, Ford and Hewlett-Packard.”  So is GM a total bust as a corporation, ready for a Toyota takeover?  Those Free Trade Internationalists see nothing wrong with another automotive foreign owner, buying GM.  So much for, as goes General Motors so goes the country . . . 




Driving down real wages is a key goal in this New World Order paradise.  Open borders with unrestricted illegal immigration saps the vital structures of middle class employment.  The delusion that family affluence is secured in the value of your real estate is about to hit a wall.  Pensions are all but a memory for non-government workers.  Savings are virtually nonexistent.  Stock equities are tenuous.  And small business enterprises are sinking into a black hole.       


Has the public become so hypnotized to a fantasy illusion that they ignore the inflation that is rampant in the marketplace?  The expenditure for higher education entails that college often necessitates financing.  The cost of health care insurance is beyond the means of many.  Those food bargains are all gone.  And who knows how high the price of gas will go!  Not only are you  falling behind from your previous standard of living, but compared to those who are plugged into the Internationalist Free Trade privileged tract, you are down right impoverished.  Their replica recipe for gain is your guaranteed sentence to the poor house.  Thanks to the duel deceits of Internationalism and Free Trade your future is third world.


American populism is our heritage and it represents a reaction for a solution.  The response requires a rejection of a super power interventionist role and demands a return to an America First policy that rewards ordinary enterprising citizens, not transnational corporations.  Economic independence is our true national aspiration.  Restoring a traditional European centric culture is the answer.  Exporting American made products abroad, while encouraging the emigration of incompatible aliens and systematic deportation of illegal invaders.  Downscaling of the scope and intrusion of government can only be achieved with the recognition that citizens have a natural right to protect their time-honored independent way of life.  The conflict between internationalism and national sovereignty is irreconcilable.  Just as Free Trade and national prosperity, coexisting is not possible.  Your autonomy is at stake, fight against the forces of globalization outsourcing.


SARTRE – April 26, 2005              

The US has developed two coordinate governing classes: the one, called ‘business,' building cities, manufacturing and distributing goods, and holding complete and autocratic power over the livelihood of millions; the other, called ‘government,' concerned with preaching and exemplification of spiritual ideals, so caught in a mass of theory, that when it wished to move in a practical world it had to do so by means of a sub rosa political machine.
Thumond Arnold

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