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Meaning of "girlie men"

 Men who do not fit the accustomed stereotypical portrait of how a man should act.


"Girlie Man" Culture of Government Schools

The notion that gender egalitarianism is central to the education process has caused dire consequences to Western Civilization. If proponents really sought political, social and economic equality between the genders, one might examine their claims with a sense of impartiality. However, the record of a feminized construct clearly demonstrates that equivalence is not their intention. Dominance of the masculine mind with codependent emotionalism out of a soap opera script surfaces as the real objective in the eternal war between the sexes. Imagine the inevitability of damage done to impressionable minds by an entire educational system intentionally designed to subjugate the natural instincts of a well-adjusted male student.

The Feminization of American Schools, Don Closson offers up this analysis.

"Feminists argue that we only have two models of masculinity to pick from. On the one hand, we have the self-centered, win-at- all-costs, barbaric, macho mentality portrayed by the stereotypical high school football coach. They contend that this model produces boys who beat, rape, and generally oppress women. It is also blamed for the bloodshed on high school campuses in Colorado, Arkansas, and elsewhere. The other model, the one offered by feminists, calls for a "profound revolution," one that will change the way society constructs young males. It hopes to eliminate stereotypical boyish behavior such as roughhousing and aggressive competition. In fact, they hope the future will look more like the Philadelphia school which has "replaced the traditional recess with 'socialized recesses,' in which children are assigned structured activities and carefully monitored" so that gender stereotypes are extinguished."

No wonder that Gerry Garibaldi in
The feminized American classroom - and how it hurts boys laments,

"In today's politically correct textbooks, Nikki Giovanni and Toni Morrison stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Mark Twain, William Faulkner and Charles Dickens, even though both women are second-raters at best. But even in their superficial aspects, the textbooks advertise publishers' intent to pander to the prevailing PC attitudes. The books feature page after page of healthy, exuberant young girls in winning portraits. Boys (white boys in particular) will more often than not be shunted to the background in photos or be absent entirely or appear sitting in wheelchairs".

According to Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2007, released by the U.S. Census Bureau in November, 2009, there are approximately 13.7 million single parents in the United States today, and those parents are responsible for raising 21.8 million children (approximately 26% of children under 21 in the U.S. today). The primary responsibility of educating children rests with the parents. In a crippled society where over a quarter of children are raised by one parent, the maternal influence will dominant.


This "Girlie Man" culture fostered in government schools in not confined to America. Jill Parkin shares the same experience in Britain. She writes in 'Stop feminising our schools - our boys are suffering'.

"What boys are made of is this: tremendous data banks that can recall years of FA Cup ties in minute detail; lashings of testosterone that needs constant burning off on a sports field; and a hideous competitive streak almost as vital to them as lifeblood itself.

Harnessed in the right way, these raw ingredients can help boys make the most of their education. But far too many of today's schools try to stifle these instincts in favour of a feminised curriculum that benefits girls in almost every single regard.

The problems start in the classroom. Instead of the make-or-break sprint to the exam deadline, boys have to endure stultifying coursework."

Why do sensible parents tolerate such foolish practices? What Price We Pay For Incompetent Education answers with this thought. "If parents, especially mothers want a better life for their children, they need to grow up themselves. Emotional appeals not to cut staff and eliminate social engineering programs must stop. The present socialization scheme deserves to die, and very soon." Subterfuge that deceives parents goes further. "Government schools have long had the primary function of socialization into the post modern age of compliance, but now these seminaries of docility, have become direct agents of the gendarme entente."

Dysfunctional Public Education Is No Accident condemns government schools as a primary cause of social decay and national destruction. "America has educated herself into 'Social Relativism'. The results of decades of disdain for tradition and individual responsibility has produced repugnant consequences that has divided our Nation and will ultimately force either capitulation or separation from the deformers of deception. Public education is their leading device in poisoning young minds. You know this to be true, even if you are unwilling to admit it publicly."

There is an alternative to government "social laboratory" schools. Producing marginally functional idiots is obscene. Don Closson, continues and presents a traditional and positive male role model to replace the chaos of a fake gender neutral society run by maladjusted women.

"I would like to endorse a third model of masculinity. This biblical model defines mature masculinity as "a sense of benevolent responsibility to lead, provide for and protect women in ways appropriate to a man's differing relationships" with the opposite sex. This biblical model assumes a number of things to be true about gender. First of all, God created men and women to complement each other. Both are equally valuable to God and His kingdom, but each have different God-given roles. Second, it looks to the servant leadership model depicted by Christ's role as head of the church, for which He suffered and died."


As long as taxpayer extortion to finance mausoleums of mind dumbing institutional indoctrination continues, the next generation will be even more stupid. The viable solution of using tax money to fund School Vouchers Long Overdue, deserves public support. "The only incentive for internal reform of the government schools lies within the peril of losing their pupils to a competing educational system."

The height of absurd arrogance in an age of fiscal austerity is the recent school bond vote in a rural NYS district. After a defeat in the initial vote, the school board and superintendent orchestrated a questionable if not illegal campaign for a second ballot on a duel phase bond that will burden the taxpayer with over $42,000,000 of new debt. This staggering amount goes to bricks and mortar renovations for a school district that has 309 students in high school. The New York State budget includes substantial cuts for education, but that reality does not alter the government school drive to fleece the taxpayers. Read more on this sorry tale in Naples' taxpayers are being deceived about School Bond Proposal.

What kind of an escape from sanity explains this destructive behavior? Surely only an apologist or a high priestess of progressive educational mind control can defend such a brazen and foolish expenditure of public funds. The proof is in the pudding. Teaching the skills to achieve rational thinking is a foreign endeavor in government schools. Suppress any thoughts of learning the Greek language in order to make time for getting in touch with your feminine hormones, is in vogue. If teachers pamper pupils as dysfunctional buffoons, how can he or she ever aspire to become a scholar?

The "Girlie Man" culture teaches government dependency. Government schools are in the business of turning the next generation into social parasites. Where would the next crop of union teachers and careerist administrators come from if they are not trained to be a government welfare recipient in the public school system? Surely having to get a real job in the business world does not fit into the scheme of entitled government employees.


Stopping this rip off should be self-evident. However, the lack of guts to abolish public education demonstrates the triumph of folly over prudence. Home schooling avoids the destructive and harmful socialization experience of "cannot we all get along" mingling. Forcing government to divert your tax dollars to educate your own children in a school of your own choosing would institute a renaissance in excellent academic instruction and accelerate the closing of failed "Oprah's world" public schools, which are really prisons of misinformation and camps of Sapphic feminist bonding.

By any reasonable standard of performance or efficiency, the money spent to maintain the system of educational child abuse in public schools is a national tragedy. Nature demands that each individual develop the skills to satisfy their physical needs, while growing their mental capacity, in order to stay alive. When the intentional design of a child’s education strives to stamp out independent skills or aspiration to provide for them self, that educational hierarchy must die a non-ceremonial death.

The classics are virtually unknown to the metrosexual animal of the didactic dog mill. How can a society survive when values based upon situation ethics and social relativism becomes accepted conduct? An educational establishment that cares more about their pension and benefits than ending the mental torture and emotional anguish they dispense from their curriculum, fosters the social and spiritual demise of America. The "Girlie Man" culture is the path to a living hell.

SARTRE – April 3, 2011

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