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A Culture of Death Under the Law

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Governments will always misuse the machinery of the law as far as the state of public opinion permits. 
Emile Capouya

A Culture of Death Under the Law

Two Criminal Killers



The Law is only a means to an end, it should never be considered an end in itself and certainly must not be made the supreme objective.  Now you see the full tragic effect of removing the Ten Commandments from the corridors of the courtroom.  Judge Roy Moore was crucified for placing God’s Laws at the center of his decisions, while Judge George Greer is applauded for following the perils of legal process.  Terri Schindler is no more Mrs. Schiavo than Michael Schiavo is still a faithful husband.  The mere presence of a shredded state marriage license has about as much weight as a ‘significant others’ partnership certificate signed by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.  Allowing the State to displace basic fundamental decency with its own form of malformed morality is a terminal disease.  But that is exactly the modern day meaning of a society under law.  


"The problems of two people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world," but even Bogart knew the difference between right and wrong.  So the death of one woman may not seem to be a big deal to the majority, especially when each year, an estimated 46 million abortions occur worldwide.  Even in the United States the value of a single life doesn’t carry the same significance as when the culture was based upon civilizing principles.  Once a communal acceptance, this Christian Nation has degenerated into the repression of black robe ‘Jacobin’ despotism.  The most fundamental purpose for any credible society is to value life.  A system that places interpreted arbitrary law above universal moral clarity loses any claim of legitimacy.


The silence of the mainstream is only superceded by the infidelity of most organized churches.  What worth does an ecclesiastical institution hold when they betray the very essence of their avowed doctrine?  Intimidation is no defense for their acquiescence to a debauched ethic.  The neo-clergy in this perverted social scheme has the judge as priest, the appeals tribunal as bishops, and the Supreme Court as the cardinals of a secular Pontifical Council.  There is no Pope in this religion, for the system is the deity and needs no single leader.  The power for this Roman -American Curia stems from the ability to force their dictates upon every subject under the guise of righteous law.


Let’s get the basics straightened out once and for all times.  For a law to be valid it must reflect the consent of the willing, be rooted in basic morality and be administered fairly and with consistency.  Laws are formulated by legislatures.  In a genuine Republic, representatives pass codes of conduct to maintain a just civil order.  Representation ought to replicate community interests.  Rules ARE the law.  Judges are NOT empowered to make, ignore or defy these ordinances.  Interpreting what a law means is NOT a valid function of a court.  Simply stated the ability to construe their significance is the supremacy to rescind their meaning.  In its most pernicious form of interpretation, quasi laws are created out of the perverse precedents that are designed to invent social policy that was never voted upon by a legislature.


Tyranny surely can be practiced by a legislature and certainly has been the norm for most executive branches, but the oppression of the courts is the greatest injustice of all.  The very body that is supposed to dispense justice has the charge of exercising wisdom of judgment.  With the contemptible elevation of courts to the role of gatekeepers for a select and privileged segment of attorney elitism, judges have systematically seized the pivotal position of final arbitrator.  Such madness has been fostered as a legal brief of conclusiveness, instead of bona fide relief.  Individual citizens are betrayed and sacrificed as the price of social order.


This dreadful condition of the current state of the law, demands a cleansing bedlam to rid ourselves from the anarchy of the judges.  Void of moral purpose is the attribute most respected within the legal community.  A person has nominal value, while the law is held in esteem.  A client is expendable, while the law is indispensable.  If the lies of the adjudicators are to be believed, we should be living in a society where social justice is dispensed because of adhering to the law.  Such disingenuous practices of deceit have real world consequences.  Terri’s premeditated slaying is Michael’s reward for petitioning the courts to expand the reach, scope and power of the magistrates.


A society that accepts the collateral damage of so many innocents in the defense of empire, surely can’t be expected to care about a disabled woman.  The primary responsibility for her murder rests upon Michael Schiavo and Judge George Greer.  It sounds like Schiavo has an offshoot version of Munchenhausen by Proxy Syndrome - some way to draw attention to himself.  Pretending that Terri is terminally ill and possibly causing her real injuries because he likes the attention he receives from the doctors, media and courts.  On the other hand, Greer’s arrogance precludes any additional medical examinations and new tests that might risk his previous decisions be overturned.


Extraordinary means of life support surely does not mean depriving the vital fluids of food and nourishment?   Common sense is a commodity in short supply in most courts.  Consider the following from the New Jersey Judiciary:


“On April 15, 1975, Karen Ann Quinlan, 21, stopped breathing for at least two 15-minute periods, resulting in severe brain damage. She was eventually diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state (PVS). She was maintained on a ventilator and fed through a feeding tube. Attempts to wean her from the ventilator were unsuccessful. After the passage of time, her doctors concluded that she would not emerge from the PVS. Her parents, after much agonizing, asked that she be removed from the ventilator. The hospital and her doctors refused. Finally her father, Joseph Quinlan, petitioned a New Jersey court to order her removal from the ventilator. The court refused. He appealed the case to the New Jersey Supreme Court.


In 1976 the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in favor of Joseph Quinlan on the basis of a "constitutional right of privacy," arguing that this unwritten right "is broad enough to encompass a patient's decision to decline medical treatment under certain circumstances, in much the same way as it is broad enough to encompass a woman's decision to terminate pregnancy under certain conditions.


In 1985, the year Karen died, another case decided by the New Jersey Supreme Court removed the distinction between the "extraordinary" means of a ventilator and the "ordinary" means of a feeding tube to sustain life.”


When judges dehumanize life and are unwilling to distinguish between breathing on a ventilator and needing food fed through a tube, the certainty of your own subsistence may well be at the whim of the courts!  Allowing this kind of tragedy to become the law only goes to validate the total collapse of morality within the legal system.  Taking back legislative representation should start with refusing to vote for any candidate that is a member of the bar.  A concerted effort for limiting the role and rulings of judges needs to be directed at the courts.  Removing lifetime terms, and holding judges liable for their own crimes is essential.  The watershed issue of the 21st century is the dictatorship of a phony legal system. 


With Terri’s death, there will be no salvation by adding your name to this new Schindler's List.  Your passage to safety requires the ejection of condescending judges by rejecting the axiom that the Law is supreme and above people.  Only a moral standard of principle can and should be the replacement venue for immoral arbitration.  Adjudication by process is a guarantee for lawmaking from the bench.  Have lawyers made your life better?  Have attorneys brought morality to our society?  And have judges based their decisions on justice or do they just keep appending upon precedents at the expense of the spirit of the law itself?   


Let’s amend this formula for a mistrial.  The law would not save Terri, it was used to kill her with judicial dispassion.  The hoax of rule by law is degraded with every excuse that doing one’s job means preserving the process while perverting the outcome.  Threats against the psychopath gigolo and the sociopath judge come as no surprise.  The culture of death that has been sanctioned by tribunals is coming home to the proponents of debauchery.  The equity law is dead and deserves to be buried.  Cremating Terri will not cover up the crimes of Star Chamber jurisprudence.  Even that vile Tudor court could not administer death.  Now that restraint has been set aside, a totally innocent human being has been ruled to be valueless.  The battle for the hearts and minds of the American remnant will be fought on the grounds of morality.  The tyranny of the legal system can no longer be hidden from the public.  The culture of death under the law must be replaced with a civilization of life . . . based upon moral principles.  Wisdom must be reinstated, and fraudulent process needs to be abolished.


SARTRE – March 29, 2005

No one ever heard of the truth being enforced by law. Whenever the secular arm is called in to sustain an idea, whether new or old, it is always a bad idea, and not infrequently it is downright idiotic. 
H.L. Mencken

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