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National Referendum on the Globalist Establishment

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“I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president, we will attack Iran… In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.” - Hillary Clinton


National Referendum on the Globalist Establishment

It is so easy for voters to lose sight of what elections are all about. Some part time citizens actually believe that they are picking a candidate between two choices. Sorry, Virginia, that’s not the drill. When was the last time Americans got a fair shake from the Two Party union of acceptable candidates? As regular readers of BREAKING ALL THE RULES know, our advocacy emphasizes third party alternatives. Why? The simple answer is that DemocRATS and RepubliCANTS are vehicles of distraction for the globalist establishment. Nothing changes for the better by design, because the party system is set up to protect the power that drives society towards globalist governance.

Hope that citizens can elect our way out of the desolate wilderness of political confusion is a non starter. As long as politicians carve out careers as bribe taking influence peddlers, the public will remain slaves. Officials and the entire culture of public employees all resist true restructuring. However, any effort for real reform will fail. Reform is not the desired objective. Folks; the enemy of the Republic includes the fools that are being played like a bad jaw harp that is constantly off key.

When will reality sink in? The establishment has accepted the entire globalist model for enslavement. Inherent Autonomy promotes individual independence and personal sovereignty based upon natural law. Globalism is totally incompatible with LIBERTY, FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

Yet, we are being told, there is no choice. Accept this brave new world of tyranny or die a slow death of a rebellious renegade. This is the context upon which you go to the polls to cast your ballot between the two sides of the same diseased carcass of the internationalist predator.

Here are the results from the Fatalistic Reality and Election Futility when you vote.

“The public’s tolerance of tyranny has no bounds. What other conclusion is sensible, when the most aggrieved keep voting for the same party duds that strip your dignity and pick your pocket? Apart from the significance of voter fraud, participation apathy and effective exclusion of third party candidacies, people actually willingly vote for their own enslavement. Ignorance explains a portion of the behavior. Habit from party indoctrination has a role. A grim desire to vote for the winner motivates the marginally disturbed. However, the majority really thinks they are acting as a loyal citizen when they cast a ballot for the establishment commissar.”

Life worth living cannot exist under the establishment. The power elites who manipulate their perverted system are waging war against humanity. If this is not clear and self-evident to the citizenry, they are already part of the walking dead. Notwithstanding the existential threat from the globalist matrix, the will of the people has a voice to express their disdain to the supra-elite and international finance.

Think of the 2016 election cycle as a national referendum on the criminal political and financial order. Suppress ideological differences and social concerns and deal directly with the economic theft that is destroying our mutual standard of living.

In its DNA the establishment is embedded in money. Who defines, controls, benefits and protects the machine of finance runs the planet. If you disagree, nothing in our writings will be properly understood. Politicians are mere puppets. So why vote?

The best argument is that your justifiable outrage needs to show contempt for the entire establishment class and culture. A National Referendum like none other in memory is under way. The entire world of globalist minions is up in arms against Donald Trump. Now do some serious thinking and put aside either pro or con impressions of Trump. Ask yourself, can all this opposition from every corner of the political spectrum be wrong?

Oh baby, never before in your life was an answer so unmistakable. ABSOLUTELY, boys and girls; the establishment is in a fight for their collective survival. Remember the slogan – “power to the people”? Well, imagine a planet where the globalist dictators are put on notice that the masses will no longer pay tribute or kneel down and kiss the ring of the MATTOIDS.

Donald Trump is in the cross hairs because he is the most serious threat to the establishment. Lobbyists, corporatists, government officials, academic socialists, union bosses, media moguls, religious hierarchy (pope), Banksters, Wall Street cabal, attorney firms and court jurisdictions are in fear that the rigged game of international sell out will be adversely altered by The Donald.

Forget that the entire congress on both sides of the aisle will rally against any real fundamental rearrangement. This fact alone should be Prima Facie evidence that straightening out the broken system, which only benefits the DC crime syndicate and the donor elite, is the ONLY bipartisan affinity that motivates the Scalawag Culture and Preserves Scoundrels.

The following argument made by Stephen Miller is the prime reason to consider that Trump’s robust opposition to the globalist trade policy is the ultimate motivation from the establishment to sabotage any economic nationalism. Trump Senior Policy Adviser: Trade An Issue of ‘National Security’ is entirely correct.

 “Trade is an issue of not just economic security but national security. As a country it is in our vital national security interest to have a strong and vibrant manufacturing base,” Stephen Miller told host Stephen K. Bannon. “You cannot be a country that is entirely safe and secure and be an entirely services-based economy.”

According to Miller, Trump is the only candidate in the GOP field who has explicitly and historically been pro-American manufacturing. He argued that Trump’s opposition to trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership for voters, and in particular South Carolinians, make him the best candidate to protect American jobs and companies.

“Do you believe as a country that we should have manufacturing, that ‘Made in the USA’ should be not just a slogan, but a reality for millions of people,” Miller said.

And if the answer to that question is yes, there is one candidate who across the years has been consistent in believing that our economic system should be structured so that American companies can thrive, can produce, can grow and that the amazing American workers in factories and plants across the United States can keep their jobs and continue producing what they have been trained to do.

Hello, how can any realistic and balanced person disagree with building a viable domestic economy? The globalist want TPP at all cost and will do anything to eliminate the opposition to this intentional and planned destruction of our standard of living.

The referendum that is embodied in the Trump movement is a populace expression of indignation against the establishment. When Anonymous, AIPAC,, Media Matters, Black Lives Matter and Soros money attacks Trump and threaten his life and that of his family, any honest American must condemn such extremism that only harden the status quo for establishment interests.

Don’t vote for Trump in the general election if you have a third party option that more closely agrees with your viewpoints. However, decry the obvious subversion of the primary spectacle if for no other reason than defending FREE SPEECH of a candidate, who has already gained the support of a plurality in GOP voters.

If you disagree, do some soul searching on What is Conservative Populism? Populism is the alternative to the state sponsored globalist establishment.

“We live in an age where people excel in their own stupidity. They have succumbed to the momentum of mediocrity. They have surrendered to suitors who charm with promises of fragrant flowers, while actually delivering flagrant bouquets. Insidious democracy produces ubiquitous socialism. The merging of underlying and ultimate goals, under the seal of disinformation and the label of conservative, is the latest weapon of the Statist.

A person can’t be a real conservative if he rejects the primary populist message. The government is answerable to the people . . . The responsibility of the individual is to become a knowledgeable and a capable citizen. That means that pledges for a free lunch must be rejected as just another swindle dressed in a pretty package. The performance seldom matches the rhetoric and never attains compatibility with basic conservative principles. Our test is clear; if it harms individual liberty, it can’t be conservatism.”

So all the Totalitarian Collectivists, no matter what party identification one slaps on their forehead, the lingering question is are you serving the establishment, when granting consent to a system intended to complete the imposition of global governance?

Trump is the death star en route to a collision course with an establishment super nova. He may not succeed, but as a voter; you can triumph over the corrupt political apparatus by casting a message in the only national referendum you may ever get a chance to participate within.

Restoring a prosperous domestic economy is essentially what is at stake. More of the same insider policies will only obviate the last vestige of the fading middle class. Vote against the establishment and express your outrage. The globalist model is destroying America.

SARTRE – March 22, 2016

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