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2006 Predictions and Realities

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The stupider the peasant, the better the horse understands him. 
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

2006 Predictions and Realities

Anything change for the good since 2003?
Do you really think 2006 will be any better?

Since 2006 is an election year, it can be safely predicted that the mainstream news will have a focus on covering meaningless political races.  The press will preach how important all these faceless campaigns will be, but in the end, very little ever changes.  What makes this Congressional season different from other cycles is that the undercurrent will be who will emerge to succeed George W. Bush.  In fact the game that will be covered has the hidden agenda of priming the pump for the next emperor to be crowned in 2008.  This is the sad state of affairs of United States national elections.  The politics of substance will be concealed for the appearance of a democratic changing of the guard.  Make no mistake about it the same sentinel for the status quo of establishment socialism is the eventual outcome.
Savvy observers of many party rotations appreciate that the relevant component in domestic elections centers upon the “ins and the outs” of who holds political office.  Democrats are encouraged that their day has arrived, and that their turn will begin with a shift in 2006.  Republicans sense discontent for the ruling party and are concerned that the Bush regime has created severe cracks in the GOP mandate.  Midterm elections are seen as a gauge for national sentiment.  Well, this assessment is the conventional viewpoint.  The reality is that the results of any of these choreographed charades always produce a loser.  Namely, the American public suffers once again from the false promises of cooked up candidates spreading the same old cuisine that robs and steals much more than pocket book change.  Their policies destroy the very essence of the national spirit.
Here is a list of the phony promises you will hear from 90% of the bipartisan clones:
  1)  Peace with Honor Foreign Policy.
  2)  An orderly reduction of troops from Iraq.
  3)  Reform of Immigration Policy.
  4)  Expand Free Trade for a strong economy.  
  5)  Extend Health Care for every citizen.  
  6)  Energy Policy for the next millennium.
  7)  Government compassion for all citizens.   
  8)  Accountability for everyone under the law.
  9)  Reinvent Federal role for a better society.
10)  Pledge a scandal free conduct in office.
How many times have you heard, in some moderated form, this catalog of concern?  Coming from budding politicians or seasoned serving ‘pols’ the drill is the same.  My opponent is no substitute for solid experience or the incumbent has not delivered for the people.  Sounds like ground hog day all over again . . .
What about this unending circumstance under every administration?  Can you close your eyes to this reality?
  1)  U.S. International endless commitments, continued eternal warfare.
  2)  Iraqi civil war end product of a pro Israel-First collaboration.
  3)  Disguised amnesty policy for multicultural transformation.
  4)  Export of U.S. jobs sacrificed for transnational corporations.
  5)  Medical costs skyrocket, quality of care deteriorates.
  6)  Gas cost up, rogue environmentalism, lower standard of living.  
  7)  More public welfare society, loss of individual dignity. 
  8)  Jail for dissenters, special privilege for connected, justice for no one.
  9)  Federal infinite scope and reach expansion, more problems created.
10)  Next crop of public thief’s pledge no guilt, while counting their stash. 
Such a litany of public deceit that is so engrained into the two party “democratic election” model is a primary root cause for the continued exploitation of regular citizens.  But 2006 will be the media circus for keeping the trained bears in a tight line as they march in the parade of a continuous circle going nowhere.  Muzzle their mouths, no one needs to hear their complaints and surely none of the rulers want to get bitten from an angry animal. 
Just how much can an honest man endure?  Being “Stuck on Stupid” is a nationwide affliction.  This year try something new.  Take the national IQ test.  Here is how it goes.  Query your friends, and if you are really bold, ask strangers the following:
  1)  Does it truly matter if your congressional representative is a Democrat or a Republican?
  2)  Does your U.S. Senator stand up for your State or do they vote as a national representative?
  3)  Are Presidents obliged to obey the law? 
  4)  Is it lawful for a President to supersede the Constitution under certain circumstances?
  5)  Is it the responsibility of the government to provide for the welfare of the populace?
  6)  Is it beneficial for the U.S. to bring “Democracy” to the world?
  7)  Does the U.S. Supreme Court have the authority to establish the meaning of the law?
  8)  Does the Federal Government have fundamental authority over individual State governments?  
  9)  Are you loyal to your Federal Government because it is the ultimate authority?
10)  Does your fellow citizens deserve respect for supporting the Federal Government?
If you answered yes to any of the questions with the exception of #3 (yes a trick answer), you are properly diagnosed as being brain dead.  Suffering from such a mental disease might be genetic, but more probably is the result of social indoctrination.  Just think about it (for those still able to use your brain).  All those yes answers come from people who often vote, especially for Federal candidates.  Do you believe that the results for 2006 will be any different from scores of other elections that produced the policies of the propaganda society?    
So the safest bet of all times would be that the electorate will, as always, follow the commands of their animal trainer and keep doing the same thing . . .  after they are done with their civic duty, they are allowed to take haven back in their respective cages.   2005 was an unmitigated disaster.  This New Year has every likelihood for more of the same.  Promises of a better day are simply scams made by perpetrators of the current condition.  Hey, celebrate the old and in with the new . . . but never believe it is any different when the next election is all over!
SARTRE – January 1, 2006

Where things have not changed at all,
there is the least likelihood of revolution.
Eric Hoffer

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